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The Jump 5 story begins when then-two-year-old Brittany Hargest and four-year-old brother Brandon met four-year-old Lesley Moore at dance class. In time, they were joined by Libby Hodges and Chris Fedun on the talent show and recital circuit. Having formed fast friendships, it was only natural that the talented teens of Jump 5 would create a group of their own. Only this would be one teen group with a twist.

Jump 5 has raised the bar for entertainment aimed at pre-teens and teens, creating a 'just for us' genre kids can't get enough of. And they all agree, "We wouldn't have missed this for anything." They've relished every opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of their peers and even younger fans.

It's a natural fit for Brittany, Brandon, Chris, Lesley and Libby, each one grounded by family and faith. They are real kids who hang out with friends, love videogames, talk on the phone, do homework, and chores. What makes them unique as teenagers is the character and purpose they bring with them.

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Jump 5

In the four years since their official formation as power-pop sensations, Jump 5-Brandon, Brittany, Chris, and Lesley-has been building considerable momentum. They've released three albums, and toured with Radio Disney Live!, Aaron Carter, A*Teens, and the Baha Men. They've made the national television circuit on CBS, ABC, PAX, and The Disney Channel. They've graced the soundtracks of The Lizzie McGuire Movie, Kim Possible, and the DVDs of Lilo and Stitch and Beauty and the Beast. They've even performed at the White House.

Of course, Jump 5 wouldn't have made it this far if the members didn't feel a genuine mutual affection. "We love each other to death," says Brittany. "We really are best friends." Being on the road so much has only brought them closer, as they rely on their friendship to carry them through. However, Brandon admits there are some things to get used to as they travel the country. "Chris and I are pretty neat, but on the bus it's the girls that make a mess."

Singers, dancers, and role models, the members of Jump 5 exemplify the very best of their generation. The music of the Nashville-based group is thoroughly modern pop, high-spirited, and 100% fun. Their peers across the country already got the message with Jump 5's 2001 Sparrow Records album debut. Now, with their latest single "All I Can Do" and upcoming second album ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD.

So much so, the group quickly expanded, taking their upbeat message to schools, malls, concert halls, and amphitheaters. Earlier this year, they were welcomed into the White House when President and Mrs. Bush hosted a night of music. "We never get nervous normally, but we did that time," laughs Chris. "After our performance, we got to talk with the President and have our pictures taken with him."


Jump 5

Their fourth studio project, Dreaming In Color. This release combines the energy, enthusiasm and positive message of past Jump 5 recordings, while keeping in perfect step with today's best pop tween music.

Jump 5 is poised to step into an even brighter spotlight for all the world to see.

Working with producer Mark Hammond, Jump 5 has taken a quantum leap forward with the new album. "It's more mature than the last one," says Brittany with her customary enthusiasm, "but still has tons of energy."

This time, Jump 5 shares the bill with the likes of Aaron Carter, A*Teens, and Baha Men in their highest-profile itinerary to date. Add to that the new single being included on a CD given away with 3 million McDonald's Mighty Kids Meals, and Jump 5 is just inches away from household-name status.

"The thing about family is that they're always going to be there for you," Brittany says, "They're your back-up. It means everything to know that we're all in this together." Jump 5 is blessed to have strong relationships with their families and hopes the Disney Family Pledge Initiative will help busy families make time for what matters most.

While all this acclaim may seem overwhelming for five people barely old enough to drive, these are not your typical teenagers. All began dancing and singing early on (try pre-kindergarten!), and with the loving support of their families, nothing has stood in the way of their success.

The demands of constant rehearsal, recording, and performing means the kids receive home schooling together. But that's just fine with the five student body members at Jump 5 High. Says Libby, "Our teacher is awesome, but she is hard." Adds Lesley, "I went to public school for most of my life, so this is a major change. But I'm having so much fun, and so is everyone else in the group."

They will also be featured prominently on Disney's release this fall on the DVD of the animated classic "Beauty and the Beast." The group has newly re-recorded the title track, made famous in the early 90's by Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson. The song, along with a stunning video version, are both included on the Disney DVD package, introducing the masterpiece to a new generation of viewers.

"All along," recalls Brandon, "we wanted to do more than just entertain people; we wanted to help them too." That commitment to positive values has separated Jump 5 from other teen groups, too many of whom mimic the inappropriate sexuality of older artists. "Kids are exposed to so much that's bad," says Libby. "Many artists dress too provocatively, exposing themselves just to get attention. Too few out there have a positive message like ours. But kids and parents appreciate what we do."

This group is simply about making people happy, which these days counts for a lot. "We love what we do," says Libby, "but we don't let it go to our heads and we don't take it too seriously." Someday they hope to expand their artistic horizons.

Writing and producing records, appearing in film and television, nothing seems beyond their eventual reach. Yet if you ask them, the members of Jump 5 are less concerned about their own glory, and more focused on the audiences they touch. Says Brandon, "We're kids trying to help other kids."


Get to know the band Jump 5...

Brittany Hargest

Birthdate: August 2, 1988

Travel companions: "I wear a ring my dad gave me, and take my lollipop ring to remind me of home."

Hidden talent: "I can hang a spoon off my nose, and my arms are double jointed."

Musical role models: Jessica Simpson and Destiny's Child

Training: vocal lessons, piano lessons, guitar lessons, gymnastics and ballet, tap, jazz, and hip hop dancing.

Brandon Hargest

Birthdate: March 17, 1987

Travel companions: "My sister. I love having family with me."

Hidden talent: "I can wiggle my ears and make my hair look like a wig."

Musical role models: *NSYNC

Training: vocal lessons, piano lessons, guitar lessons, gymnastics and tap, jazz, ballet, and hip hop dancing.

Lesley Moore

Birthdate: October 15, 1986

Travel companions: "I wear a gold necklace my dad gave me before he died. I also take a stuffed chick named Puff everywhere I go."

Musical role models: Destiny's Child

Training: vocal lessons, cheerleading, basketball, gymnastics and ballet, tap, jazz, and hip hop dancing.

Christopher Fedun

Birthdate: January 14, 1986

Travel companions: "I bring along pictures of me with my friends and family."

Hidden talent: "I love writing, and I'm a good runner."

Musical role models: The BeeGees