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About Jon McLaughlin

Born and raised in Anderson, IN, Jon McLaughlin began taking classical piano lessons at an early age. Though he lost interest in it during high school, not helped by an accident that injured both wrists, during his senior year he realized how fully he could incorporate the instrument into the pop music he enjoyed more. McLaughlin decided to attend the local music college, where he studied piano and spent his free time writing songs, eventually winning a competition at the school that allowed him to release his self-titled debut in 2004.  He began touring, traveling throughout the Midwest and working up a grassroots following.


In 2005 Jon McLaughlin recorded an 8-song EP, Songs I Wrote and Later Recorded, which reached the #1 spot on  He increased his fan base by playing at Timber Wolf Lake, a Young Life camp, with his first album entitled Jon McLaughlin. He caught the attention of other independent artists and began touring with artists such as Dave Barnes and Matt Wertz. In 2006 McLaughlin signed with iconic record label Island Records. Since then, Jon has increased his presence at well-established musical venues and festivals such as Feeling Better Than Everfine (Cleveland, OH), Waterfest (Oshkosh, Wisconsin), Milwaukee Summerfest ( Milwaukee, Wisconsin), Northwest State College Fest (Archbold , OH ) and Lollapalooza (Chicago, IL). He has toured with Kelly Clarkson, O.A.R., Sister Hazel, Cowboy Mouth, Paolo Nutini, and Marc Broussard.

Since signing with Island Records, McLaughlin increased his public image by providing music for the NBC comedy Scrubs, episode "My Conventional Wisdom," on May 10, 2007. McLaughlin's song, "Human" was included in the episode. The same song appeared at the end of the episode "The Walk-In" of Ghost Whisperer. "Beautiful Disaster" can also be heard in the hit TV series A Little Thing Called Life in the season two episode titled "The Greatest and Worst Halloween Ever."

McLaughlin also made an on-screen appearance and performance of the song, "So Close" (written by Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz) in the Oscar-nominated Disney movie Enchanted. The song received an Oscar nomination.   This led to McLaughlin performing at the 80th Academy Awards, which he attended with his wife Amy.


In June 2008, McLaughlin premiered his newest single "Beating My Heart" on the radio, released to mainstream radio on July 22, 2008, prior to being sent to Hot Adult Contemporary (Hot AC). "Beating My Heart", first single from his second studio album OK Now. The song was praised by Billboard single reviews editor Chuck Taylor, who wrote that "It's high time for singer/songwriter Jon McLaughlin to earn his due." following with a description of the song as "a joyous up-tempo romantic romp, featuring hook after hook, from tinkling piano to driving percussion and a start-and-stop bridge, alongside a joyous effortless vocal that soars with falsetto to the high heavens. The accompanying video is simple enough, but effectively illustrates McLaughlin's charms as a palatable sex symbol. "Heart" pumps with instantaneous hit potential, and proper promotion of it could propel the artist to superstar status."