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About Jimmy Needham

When singer/songwriter Jimmy Needham was in high school, he couldn't get enough of the blues. Blues music, that is. While he was never able to pinpoint exactly what about the blues "stirred him up," he was always drawn to singers with a little soul in their voices.


Of course, he didn't know it at the time, but his love of the blues would soon make its way into his own music.  Instead of heartbreak or social injustice—common themes of mainstream blues music—the soul that resonates in Needham 's vocals comes from what he's most passionate about: his relationship with Jesus and sharing the Gospel with anyone who's willing to hear.

"When you get saved, you can't help but write about what really gets you going. And for me, that just happened to be the Lord," Needham says. "When it comes down to it, whoever says music isn't spiritual is either lying to you or doesn't understand music—because it's so affecting."

Although he didn't combine his passion for music with his newfound faith until late into high school, it didn't take long for Needham to see what direction his life and music were headed.


Relating one-on-one with people is also what Needham considers to be the most rewarding part about playing shows. "I really want to make a point of having conversation with people. We want it to be ministry and not just entertainment," Needham clarifies. "Entertainment is fine, but if it's not bearing fruit for the Lord, I don't see how any party benefits. No one can handle worship but God anyway, so if they're just excited about me being up there, then that's so vacant. And I'm going to get arrogant, they're going to get idolatrous, and God's not going to get any glory. So the more my music can be about putting the emphasis back on Jesus, the ministry of sharing the Gospel, then praise the Lord."

Needman's music serves as an open invitation for Christians to become real, passionate, and zealous for the Gospel, which is the power of God for salvation.

On Speak, Needham 's message comes across clear.  "It's all about sharing the Gospel," Needham explains. "For me I think we need to not just serve the lost but talk about the hope we have."


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