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About Jeremy Riddle

With his first single, "Sweetly Broken," becoming the #6 AC radio hit for all of 2006, the airily aggressive worship song introduced Jeremy's name to millions of radio listeners around the country and put him in the company of established, chart-topping mainstays like Aaron Shust, Third Day, Casting Crowns, and Chris Tomlin.



Jeremy's national debut, Full Attention (2007), produced by Bob Hartry, gave Jeremy's many fans hardcopy access to his songwriting and passionate modern pop. And once again, Jeremy has managed to associate himself with some leading men in the liner notes for the project, which features the talents of famed mix engineers Chris Lord Alge (U2, Snow Patrol, Madonna, Prince, Jars of Clay) and Bob Clearmountain (Bruce Springsteen, Sheryl Crow, Bon Jovi, Barenaked Ladies, Switchfoot, Mercy Me).


In his own life, Jeremy struggles with both self-doubt and the temptation to rely on himself instead of Christ. The album's title song describes his personal battle. "'Full Attention' encapsulates my heart cry as I attempt to walk in the way Jesus is calling," he relays. "I know we've all heard that 'He is the vine and we are the branches,' but I'm not sure we get it all the way. I, at least, need a constant reminder because there is always this stubborn thought within me that somehow I truly will be able to accomplish something on my own for God. More than ever, I realize that I cannot. I must be in close communion with Him—abiding—if I ever wish to bear any kind of lasting fruit."

Authenticity counts for Jeremy. His ideas about worship have been influenced by the many "Davids" in his life—men and women who are broken and vulnerable in their worship. In particular, his own father, who began his days during Jeremy's childhood at 4 a.m., playing guitar, singing and worshipping God. "Later on," Jeremy says, "when I was reading the Psalms on my own and looking at David's heart, my dad was the biggest picture of worship for me."


Jeremy's latest release, The Now and Not Yet was released in March of 2009.  It is a fantastic follow-up to his debut and makes it clear to see that Jeremy is not just a musician writing songs, hoping people will listen to them. At heart, he's a pastor connecting with people and writing songs out of the power of that experience, with brokenness and transparency. And as Jeremy has laid down his own aspirations, God has picked him up and led him to a larger and more meaningful place than any he had previously imagined. * * * *