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About Jeremy Horn

Jeremy Horn was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, and began playing the guitar at 15. A friend convinced him to use his talent there, and with his songwriting, and use it for God. Horn began writing Christian songs and soon found himself working at world-renowned Ardent Studios whose clients have included Led Zeppelin, Dave Matthews, B.B. King, Todd Agnew, Al Green, and dcTalk – to name a few. Here, he fell in love with the art and process of recording – getting just the right guitar tone, chiseling a song idea down to the best parts.


Later, he moved to Ardent’s record label under the mentorship of multi-award-winning songwriter and artist Dana Key, of the pioneering rock band DeGarmo & Key. “Dana taught me about the importance of song selection and what makes a great song great – you’ve got to get in, say what you have to say, and get out.”

His job at Ardent often required him to be away from church on Sunday mornings. But a close friend and keyboard player invited him to his church on Wednesdays. This church was in the early stages of what would become a massive revival.

“There were church services almost every night of the week,” said Horn. “There was only one guy leading worship at this church, and he was overloaded. It was a unique situation because there were all these people who wanted to spend all this time worshiping Jesus – and I was suddenly right in the middle of this exciting movement! I was put into a situation where I was playing music and leading worship four or five nights a week.”


Horn took the opportunity and ran with it, eventually becoming the full-time worship pastor at the church. Since the revival, it has become one of the most vital Christian communities in Memphis – and the city's largest multicultural church.

Leading worship in that environment, in a city like Memphis, is a challenge that would test any music minister. And Jeremy says there's no formal training you can go through to get prepared for the job.

“It's definitely challenging as a worship leader who loves rock and roll,” admitted Horn, “but I don't try to bring my role as an artist into my role as a worship leader because that's sort of self- serving. I do some of my own tunes, but I have to look at the whole picture.”

Horn released his first single, "First Love," August 7, 2007, and his debut album, Atmosphere, September 11, 2007, which made the Top 10 Bestselling New Releases in the Praise & Worship category on  He was the first artist signed to the independent record label, The Grove.

Horn has toured with numerous Christian artists, such as Aaron Shust, Chasen, Rush of Fools and the Newsboys, and has appeared with the David Crowder Band.

Jeremy Horn lives in his hometown, Memphis, with his wife Denise and their sons, Judah and Liam.  He writes all of his music, and calls himself "a conduit for the Holy Spirit" when it comes to the lyrics.

Like the atmosphere in which we live, Jeremy’s music is sometimes bright, sometimes brooding, and always changing. Jeremy wants people to experience God’s ability to move in their lives the way He has moved in his own life.