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The first song on Jenny Pixler's debut album, "Invitation," is "The Call." At the age of 14, while preparing to sing this song solo for her church, Jenny actually felt the call.

"They needed a young person to share their gifts at mass, and to tell the congregation how they intended to use their gifts for God," Jenny explains. "This marked the beginning of my singing in Church. After a couple of years, as my faith and prayer evolved and developed, I think I realized that singing was a true gift to God and the Church. I think that's when I realized that God could really use me, and that there was so much joy, passion, and fulfillment there."

Growing up in a small town in northern Arizona, Jenny moved to the Phoenix area during high school and became involved in the music ministry at St. Timothy's Catholic Church in Mesa, Arizona. "Being an only child of divorced parents, my faith became my family throughout high school," Jenny reveals.

"It was there that I truly started getting to know Him, and I witnessed what it meant to serve, and how to lead others into prayer and worship," Jenny says. "Over time, the Lord has been healing me and showing me that it isn't about me or how great I am, but it is about His goodness and His faithfulness."

St. Tim's also provided Jenny with mentors such as Matt Maher, Danielle Rose and especially Tom Booth. Jenny sang on two of Maher's albums, but it was Booth who was there at the beginning, accompanying Jenny on that fateful day when she sang "The Call."

"Tom has always encouraged me to be myself musically and to trust myself and my musical intuition," Jenny says. "As I came up through high school, he and his family really showed me the face of Jesus. Tom has taught me so much musically, he has blessed me with so many opportunities there. And through the years he has really taught me how to pray and how to hope in Christ's resurrection."

Jenny co-wrote the title track, "Invitation," and "The Way Within," with Booth. He also wrote other songs and produced the album. "Tom is an amazing songwriter and recording artist," Jenny says, "and I was honored to have him produce my album."

Jenny Pixler
Her ministry through music has also led Jenny to Marylhurst University, where she is studying music therapy. Jenny's studies, she says, have helped her songwriting as they require proficiency at playing an instrument as well as singing. "For a while, I used the guitar because I was more familiar with it," she explains, "but lately, it has been the piano because it is more accessible at school and I understand theory better on it. So, it is easier for me to construct chords and melodies on the piano."

"Whether I end up strictly leading others in prayer through music or becoming a certified music therapist, I don't know," Jenny says about her future. "Perhaps what I am going to do will be meshed in between these two things." She adds, "I know, though, I have to keep singing."

Though her music no doubt reaches Christians of all ages, Jenny Pixler certainly has a lot to say to young audiences. "Do not be afraid or intimidated because of your youth. It is now that you can develop that intimate, awesome relationship with God," she says. "Know that God cherishes you in a special way and that through you, great acts of love can be done for His kingdom."


Jenny Pixler Album, Invitation

Jenny Pixler explains the title of her debut album, "Invitation," as the invitation to follow Christ on the journey to wholeness and holiness. And certainly it is a grand first step on the journey of a young woman to express her devotion is an inspiring, entertaining and eclectic piece. Produced by Tom Booth, who also wrote, and/or co-wrote with Jenny, several of the songs, the album reflects a broad array of musical influences. Jenny covers Stevie Wonder's "Have a Talk with God" and George Harrison's "Here Comes the Sun." Jenny co-wrote the title track with Tom Booth as well as "The Way Within," Jenny's favorite. Jenny wrote the song "Be With Us, Mary" when she was 16. It is based on a prayer that Mother Theresa's sisters, the Missionaries of Charity play. "Invitation" is distributed by

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