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About Jeff Deyo

Jeff Deyo gives a description of himself on his myspace page: 

"I am: Intense, driven, BIG heart, friend of God, passionate, focused, wise, physically strong, impatient, black and white, LOYAL, hopeful. I am a diligent, passionate seeker of God. I am God's servant and friend. I exist for his purpose only."

"I love my wife deeply. I'm crazy about my 2 boys. I hate smoking. I don't have a lot of close friends - just a few. I am always growing. I detest traffic. I love a great movie. I  love Mexican food; (NOT tex mex!). I love the Denver Broncos. I rarely listen to music for fun. I love and deeply respect my parents. I believe people who don't spank their children are all about themselves. I can't stand waiting on computers! I believe the worst thing about TV is the time it steals from our lives. Spell check is very important to me.

I think the Bible is truly fascinating and definitely the greatest book ever - I believe every word!  I hate religion. I LOVE the church - not the walls, but God's idea of church - his body. I am really learning to hear the Holy Spirit like never before!!!!!"

As one of the premier songwriters and worship leaders of today, Jeff Deyo has made a significant mark on the Christian music landscape. As the voice behind classic worship songs like “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever,” “In the Secret,” "I Want to know You," and “My Refuge,” which he recorded with the original Dove Award-winning group SONICFLOOD, Deyo has helped invigorate the heart of worship for a whole new generation. In his role as SONICFLOOD’S lead singer, primary songwriter and co-producer, Deyo saw the band’s gold-certified, self-titled debut, SONICFLOOD (1999) and its Grammy-nominated follow-up, SONICPRAISE (2001), reach combined sales of over one million albums.

The early success in Deyo’s career, which came with its own set of obstacles, did not steer him from his original calling and vision. Resisting the temptation to feel bitter or resentful, Jeff instead chose to get back on track  and keep his eyes on the Lord's purpose for his life. “The Lord has really shown me that I shouldn’t put too much trust or hope in the things that man says,” Deyo admits. “I had to decide that I was going to focus solely on the Lord’s voice. I’m just blessed to be a part of this industry, and I’m grateful to be able to do what God has called me to do.”
After leaving SONICFLOOD, Deyo's debut album, SATURATE, was released on the Gotee label in 2002. The number one radio hit, "More Love, More Power",  was on this album and tobymac provided the support vocals on the song. Two more well-loved albums followed on the Gotee Label; LIGHT(2004)  AND SURRENDER IN 2005. 
In 2007, more changes were instore for Jeff Deyo.  Jeff switched record labels, leaving Gotee Records, after having a long history with Tobymac, dating back to the SONICFLOOD albums.  Jeff Deyo joined  Indelible Creative Group. Jeff released a new album, UNVEIL with his new record label.  There were no hard feelings, between Tobymac and Jeff. In 2007, Tobymac also released a 2 CD album of Jeff's music, called THE WORSHIP COLLECTION, which offered the best of Jeff Deyo.
Currently, Jeff is now joined by his new band, Charlie Goddard on guitar, Jeremy McCoy on bass, Fred Williams on keys and Nate Winters on drums.

Deyo leads worship at conferences all over the world in 2004, including YC2004, Canada’s largest youth conference.  It is the live events that seem to fuel Deyo’s passion and that facilitate a God-sized collision of his music and ministry.

“I love meeting people and being able to pour into their lives,” Deyo says. “I want God to be moving in a way that is supernatural and bigger than man. Worship is not a new thing. Worship existed before Adam was created. Worship is a lifestyle, it’s obedience, it’s loving your wife; it’s obeying your parents. Modern worship music is defined by songs that continue to bring freshness to honoring and exalting our Creator that is relevant to our time.”

Relevance is a key ingredient in Jeff Deyo’s music, and this passionate musical pioneer continues to light the way for a new generation of worshipers, helping them find a radiant connection in their ongoing pursuit of God. Info compiled and edited by Julie Carr for * * *