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About Jason Upton

Jason Upton is a unique worship leader.  His worship is unconventional and truly an experience with God.  He wants to lead people to Jesus and not religion.  A central theme to Jason's testimony is the revelation of the spirit of adoption.

Jason says when you don't know your blood line it changes everything – how you look at relationships, lines of family, racial relationships.  He knows this first hand because Jason was put up for adoption after he was born.  A few months later, he was adopted by a Christian couple and was brought up in the ways of God. 

When Jason met his biological family, it didn't change things with his adoptive family.  Upton found out that she was a Christian and had listened to his music for six years and didn't know Jason was her son.  He was able to meet his biological father, who is not a Christian, but is a Cherokee Indian.

Jason gained lots of musical experience singing in churches, but eventually “the Lord began to show me that I wanted to entertain and please people.  It was a form of my calling, but without the power,” he says.

Jason has been asked to worship all over the country and the world.  Sam Chappel, from 40 Records, was at the first service Jason and his group led.  Now Jason says, “I want to lead people to Jesus, not to a religion.  Let’s let the church be a place where we raise up young people, fill them with God’s presence and love, and send them out.  God has a unique calling for each of us.”

Jason Upton is a singer/songwriter with the heart of a pastor. His message is his song. Whether it's his relationship with God, his family or his friends, Jason's songs are a reflection of his life.















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