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About Jaime Jamgochian

Sometimes life comes as one surprise after another. Just ask Jaime Jamgochian. This accomplished worship leader/artist/songwriter, whose credentials include a degree from the acclaimed Berklee College of Music in the heart of Boston’s entertainment and cultural community, was undoubtedly on her way to a career in pop music when her life was forever changed.


It’s her ability to help others draw closer to God -- whether in a Sunday morning worship service or driving alone to work on a Monday--that has made Jaime one of Christian music’s most acclaimed new artists. Her Centricity debut, Reason to Live, spawned the modern classic, “Hear My Worship,” which spent nine weeks atop the Inspo charts. Jaime’s music and effervescent personality have touched thousands of young women as she’s appeared on Point of Grace’s Girls of Grace conferences. In addition, Jaime has stepped forward and launched her own “Modest is Hottest” conferences for young girls.


When writing songs Jaime take time to be still and hear God speak to her.

“When I’m writing a song, I really want my relationship with God to grow in that moment or challenge others to grow,” she says. “When I write a song, I hope it translates corporately, but also I hope that someone in the car will turn on the radio and just have a moment.”

Jaime's second Centricity Records album release, Above the Noise, showcases her gifts in a new light.  A songwriter of incredible depth and a heart that passionately seeks God and pours those revelations into insightful lyrics. With Nathan Nockels (Point of Grace, Matt Redman) producing several songs on the collection, the new album has a more contemporary flavor that brings a new vibrancy to the messages Jaime has to share. “He did all the ‘Passion’ worship records,” says Jaime. “I felt he really got my heart, not just the lyrics and melodies, but really got inside the songs.”

The result is an album that feels soulful and intensely personal, yet there’s also a universal quality to the songs that enables the listener to embrace them as their own. “Sing of Our God” is a buoyant anthem that celebrates the majesty of our creator. “For You” is a heartfelt worship anthem that acknowledges the peace of total surrender, and it’s the song that yields the CD’s title.

Since Jaime has signed with Centricity Records, she’s toured relentlessly over the past few years and loves having an opportunity to reach people, especially young girls. Having come to Christ during her college years, Jaime admits she made her share of mistakes before becoming a believer, and those moments have made her better equipped to minister to young girls struggling through some of the same issues.

“I feel like I’m still young in the Lord and excited about my faith,” she says, leaning forward with a big smile. “I want the fire to burn bright and I think that’s translated in my lyrics. I’m still amazed by God’s grace and forgiveness.”


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