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About Jadon Lavik

When Jadon Lavik enrolled at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, he had two dreams for himself - a baseball career, and studies in business finance. All that changed, though, when Lavik began falling in love with music and the power it had to influence, encourage, and inspire people's lives. After making a move to Orange County, Jadon had a chance encounter with Rick Muchow, worship leader at Saddleback Church. From then on, Jadon Lavik pursued music with all that was in him, and eventually landed a recording contract with BEC Recordings. His smooth vocals and catchy, acoustic guitar sound make for a combination that is sure to please both the soul and the ear.


Lavik began life in Redmond, Washington, where he was raised in a Christian home with his parents and two siblings. Although he had some experience with music early in life playing violin and guitar, he was most energized about sports and desired to pursue a baseball career. Throughout college and beyond, Jadon went back and forth between his business and music dreams. The answer became clear when Muchow offered him a chance to abandon his buisness pursuits and begin a two-year music internship at Saddleback. He knew then, that God was desiring him to take a leap of faith and follow this new, unknown path.

During his years at Saddleback, Jadon Lavik fine-tuned his guitar skills and began discovering his own style in songwriting. Many of the experiences Jadon had during those two years provided for the inspiration for his debut album from BEC Recordings, Moving On Faith. In particular, his travels to third world countries like Thailand, Ukraine, and Ecuador moved him to write songs reflecting selflessness and simplicity.

Through his music, Jadon Lavik hopes to encourage others to filter life through heavenly lenses and aim to see the world the way God sees it - broken, hurting, and unfinished, yet hopeful and purposeful. Jadon wishes for his songs to be authentic and genuine reflections of his own evolving relationship with Christ. He wants people to know that he is a normal guy who loves to have fun, laugh, surf, and watch movies, but that he also has a serious side. Jadon belives God has given him the gift of music, and he desires to use it to Glorify Him and encourage others to lead a worshipful life of praise and adoration.

Jadon Lavik is currently touring with Natalie Grant and Trevor Morgan and hopes to be recording his second album in the summer of 2005.



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