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About Inhale/Exhale

Comprised of Guitarist John LaRussa (former member of the band Narcissus), bassist Brian Pittman (former member of the band Relient K), drummer Bobby Poole II (formally of the Christian ska band Buck Enterprises), and lead singer Ryland Raus (formerly of the band Widdlesworth) formed in Canton, Ohio in 2005.

The group's first release, The Lost. The Sick. The Sacred. on Solid State Records hit the shelves in November of 2006.

Imagine the Southern-fried sludge of Down merging with the post-hardcore angst of Refused and the snake-boogie of Velvet Revolver. Add to that formula the gutter growl of Soilwork, the song-craft of Killswitch Engage and the diversity and depth of feeling of Thrice and you might start to get the right idea.


"We have our own style of rock," states LaRussa, echoing a sentiment shared by singer Ryland Raus, bass player Brian Pitman and drummer Chris Murk. "We feel that it's structured well, and that it brings people in. We want someone to pop our disc in on the way to work if they need to hear something that is honest, and at the same time hear something with passion and raw energy."

Producer Travis Wyrick (10 years, P.O.D.) was able to harness that dedication when the band entered a Knoxville, Tennessee studio to craft their debut.

"Travis was the perfect rock guy for us. He grew up playing and listening to old rock and metal, but yet he isn't stuck back there," LaRussa points out. "He listened to our ideas, and we listened to his. It helps that we had the record written, but Travis brought exactly what we wanted a producer to bring. We are a very independent band, we do our own pre-production pretty much, and he supported that. And sonically he knows how to capture the most out of a guitar rock band. And he lets the instruments breathe."

"We believe in the power of God," LaRussa proclaims, pointing out where The Sacred comes into play. "God says we are going to make it. He says life is worth living. And that's where our hope dwells. We constantly separate ourselves in this world with prejudice but we are all people trying to make it through life and we have to accept each other for who we are and what we believe."


They group hit the studio in December 2007 and finished their follow up record I Swear.., that hit the streets in June, 2008.