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About Inhabited

In a world where musicians are so willing to compromise, Houston-based rock band Inhabited remains accountable to its original vision—making innovative music that serves listeners on a higher level.

This may seem risky given today’s competitive music climate and pressure to conform artistically for commercialism’s sake, but these have become risks worth taking.

The band was officially formed in 2003 by brother and sister Marcus and Sara Acker, who had led worship sessions for youth groups

Although Sara's focus had always been missions, it soon became obvious that God was calling her specifically to music ministry. "Never in my life have I been more certain about where I'm supposed to be and what my calling is," says Sara.

"Sara and I decided that we wanted to pursue music," says Marcus. "And we knew we didn't need a record deal to start playing shows or to record a CD."


The duo added Charlie Harper on drums and Chad Carouthers on bass and released their first independent project titled Innerview in 2003.  Their career was fueled when a deejay in Conroe handed the album to Nashville promoter Kyle Fenton, who helped propel the single "Rescue Me" into the Top 10 on Christian rock radio.  They followed up with The Revolution, released on Fervent Records in 2005.

The group's latest release, Love hit the record stands in Februrary, 2008.


“This new record is genuinely heartfelt,” says lead singer Sara Acker. “We have risked a lot to stay true to the music and have fought for our artistic freedom! We started working with 7 Spin because they think outside the box. They do things a little differently, and so do we.”

Inhabited once more reinvents itself on Love, featuring pop/rock grooves pouring through the band’s straight-ahead rock. Working again with producer Monroe Jones (Jackson Browne, David Crosby, Third Day), Inhabited cements its place among modern pioneers of both sound and style.

Love takes listeners on an emotional ride through real life experiences, ranging from the tragedy of love lost to the trials that accompany following one’s dreams. “Inhabited is about being honest and discussing struggles,” Sara says “but we also aim to move people toward that light at end of the tunnel.”

The album’s first single, “Hush,” written and produced by Marcus and Sara, speaks directly to Inhabited’s young female audience. “Girls are constantly under pressure to measure up to unrealistic standards,” Sara says. “Our culture dictates that if we don’t look a certain way we should ‘fix ourselves’ with surgery or by other unnatural means. I believe there is a priceless beauty in individuality, no matter what that looks like.”

She continues, “Our fans might not realize the impact they have on us. Many times their stories inspire our songwriting.” For example, “Song to the Fatherless” tells the true story of a boy who came from an abusive home with no father figure, while his mother was strung out on drugs. “This song is written to kids who have experienced a parent walking out on them. The music carries the lyrics ‘God will never walk out on you! He’ll be the father that you never knew.’”

Offstage Sara keeps in contact with Inhabited’s fans through blogs on its website, giving encouragement and often telling their stories through the band’s music. To further involve fans in its work, Inhabited took a photo booth out on tour to collect pictures for use on the cover of LOVE. “We took the pictures we collected of fans to be used in the artwork. Rather than putting our picture on the cover, we wanted to show our fans the love – that’s who this record is for.”

“We love music and live for that moment on stage when we exchange musical passion with the audience. There is something about connecting to someone’s soul through music – something that’s not coming from us but from the spirit behind our music.”