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About Hello Kelly

Hello Kelly is the rock you've always longed for. It's the rock that takes other music and adds what you always thought it needed.

It's the grittiest alternative and the hardest rock and the catchiest pop - with melodies that drill into your mind and synth that drills into your throat. It's the kind of honest story-telling that makes your friends wonder what you're smiling about. It's the kind of show that makes you rock out like nobody's business and has enough class to make your grandmother join the mosh pit.

The band’s name brings about the question of ‘who is Kelly’? Francois Goudreault Jr., the band's 21-year old frontman and songwriter, explains, “Kelly is the reason Hello Kelly is on the road.  Kelly is anybody who listens. Kelly is that listener who doesn’t know who he or she is.  Hello Kelly exists to encourage Kelly to build their dreams.  Kelly is that listener who doesn’t know what he or she believes.  Hello Kelly exists to challenge Kelly to define their own beliefs.”

Having released the "Green Things Grow" EP in January 2007, Francois is confident they've taken it up a notch: "The idea behind Green Things Grow is that we're all just like the green things that grow so naturally all around us. In the grand scheme of things, we are all young, inexperienced but eager greenhorns who are ready to grow: Grow in our confidence, grow in our wisdom, grow in our faith. Lyrically, this project is an exploration through the emotions that come with change - the joy of growth and the pain of lessons learned."

"I grew up thinking that rock and roll could save the world. I would listen to my dad's Van Halen and Stevie Ray Vaughan albums as a kid but then my family also started going to church. It didn't make any sense at first, but as my faith developed, it fused with my appreciation for those classic rock bands and gave birth to the songwriting that became Hello Kelly," explains Francois. "When I was in university, I'd write songs instead of doing homework. The first Hello Kelly recording came together during spring break, when I was supposed to be catching up on university reading." The band has definitely come a long way; Since forming in Summer 2004, Hello Kelly has moved 10, 000 units independently, seen success with three ..1 CHR singles on Canadian Christian radio, and shared the stage with successful Christian headliners Rebecca St. James, Superchic[k], John Reuben, Thousand Foot Krutch, Hawk Nelson and Starfield.

The band signed with USA record label 7 Spin Music, and released their self titled debut full-length album in Fall 2007.

"There's a strong spiritual element to our music because we try to let our own beliefs infiltrate the art; that's the best way to make it unique and personal. It's not about promoting a religion or telling people what to believe - it's about putting our experiences out there and letting the art speak for itself. Hopefully that makes people move: at the rock show and in their perceptions."