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While still attending Palm Beach Atlantic College in Florida, a roommate loaned Heather a guitar and showed her a few basic chords. Heather bought herself some books to improve her skills, and when a family friend gave her an old Fender, she began to take herself more seriously as both a writer and guitarist.

After finishing college about three years ago Heather, like many recent grads, was trying to figure out what she wanted to do with her life. Heather's first foray into the music industry was a project titled, "Once Upon A Time". While her first recording received critical acclaim, it didn't feature any of her songwriting, and Heather felt it didn't reflect her own musical tastes.

One listen to her upcoming release on KMG Records will have you convinced - this young woman is a great songwriter. "Send Me An Angel" finds Heather Miller teaming with acclaimed writer/producer John Mandeville for the worshipful track "We Will See Him," the tender ballad "Life To Me," and "In Your Arms," which also emphasizes Heather's acoustic side. Adding their input to several songs including the raucous "Angel" and the driving "On His Way Home" are writer Chad Chapin, as well as Michael Tait (dc Talk) and Pete Stewart (Grammatrain). Tait and Stewart are also the co-producers of Send Me An Angel. Heather has at least a co-writing credit on nine of the ten songs on Send Me An Angel; seven of those tracks are drawn from demos she originally brought to KMG executive vice president Frank Chimento last fall.


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Heather Miller has been a great influence on me that involves Christian music. My brother got the CD "Send Me An Angel" and it was so wonderfully done. It was the first Christian CD I heard but hopefully not the last. I think that Heather is greatly talented and should continue to pursue her career. Her lyrics talking about God have made me understand more about Him. It has definitely given me more strength to listen to His word. She also shows that beauties can play guitar too.

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Heather Miller - I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Heather Miller when she performed at a student rally against school violence last May. Ever since I saw her music videos for "Lovely Jesus" and "Do You Know Now", I immediately fell in love with her and her music. She is one of the best singers I have ever heard. I have both of her albums and I am anxiously awaiting a third album. She has such an amazing voice. I still have the autographed CD case. It is a reminder of how wonderful it was to finally be able to meet her in person.



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