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About Gregory Paul Smith

Smith isn't exactly a stranger to music. His history includes being an All-American jazz trombonist, singing as the front man for Christian rockers Mars Hill Band and being a member of the southern gospel quartet Calvary Echoes. While Gregory enjoyed all of them, that wasn't where his heart was most at home. Smith decided to follow a path in music that was more suited to his personal influences (think Jeremy Camp, Casting Crowns, David Crowder Band and the Eagles).

Signed with Christian record label block, KTC Music, Gregory Paul Smith released his debut album I Can Live Again. This CD is personal and deep. Smith explained it in a press release. “I accepted the Lord at 14, but spent a lot of time making my own decisions,” Smith said. “When those choices failed, I began to get very angry with God and I spiraled into a phase of inner turmoil and utter despair. But I remember very clearly falling on my knees one day at home, shouting out to God and praying for Him to take away my feelings of worthlessness. It was seriously supernatural how He began to lift me out of my misery and bring a silver lining into all of this.”


I Can Live Again tells the story better than any biography could. The title track and first radio single is about Smith’s own struggles, along with David’s redemptive path throughout the Psalms. Gregory's cover of the classic "Solid Rock" talks about giving up control and laying your problems on an altar of spiritual abundance. “Beyond Tomorrow,” a track about living each moment to the fullest without stressing about the next, is one of Smith's personal faves.

For Gregory Paul Smith, it's about people and touching hearts ... one at a time. It's not about fame and fortune. “I have a real heart to present where I’ve been and all that God is currently doing in me, but also to listen to people’s problems and be a listener long after the concert is over,” he explains. “It doesn’t matter if it’s a coffee shop, youth rally, pastor’s conference or just any old show. I want to meet people where they’re at and serve their needs in any way that I can.”