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About Gold City

The discovery of gold in Dahlonega, Georgia in 1828 set off the first major gold rush in America. It also inspired the name for Gold City, one of Christian music's best-known and well-loved entertainers.

Gold City has won every significant Southern Gospel music award- many more than once. Among their more than 60 accolades are numerous awards for Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Group of the Year, and Individual of the Year.


Gold City's unmatched sales and critical success have come from an endless string of powerful, memorable anthems of the faith, coupled with traditional Southern Gospel vocals.

Possessing some of the tightest four-part harmonies in the genre, Gold City 's uniquely identifiable sound has led to an endless string of #1 radio songs. "Midnight Cry," "It's Still The Cross," "He Said," "I'm Not Giving Up," "Calvary Conquers It All," "I'm Not What I Was," and "There Rose a Lamb" are Southern Gospel classics.

The group has had major success over the years with many of its members going on to solo careers or starting other groups. Among those were Brian Free, Mike Lefevre, Ivan Parker, Mark Trammell, Jonathan Wilburn, Jay Parrack and others. Each specific group of men has spread the gospel through the music they recorded and performed.


The quartet has had numerous number one radio hits over the years, making songs like "Midnight Cry," "It's Still The Cross," "He Said," "I'm Not Giving Up," "Calvary Conquers It All," "Show Me The Cross," "There Rose a Lamb," "Preach The Word," and most recently, "I Cast My Bread Upon The Water" classics in Southern Gospel circles.

"The most important thing for Gold City throughout the years is that the group has kept the Lord first, and we are no different today," Daniel stresses. "We seek to honor Him in our music and in our lives. I believe that's why Gold City is still here, because we do put Him first in all the music and make Him number one on our priority list."

"Gold City is just a group of young men who love the music they sing - but even more than that, they love the message in the music," said Riley definitively. "The Southern Gospel landscape has changed a lot over the last 26 years, but the message never changes. And this new generation of men is as excited as ever to be sharing it." * * * *