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Go Fish

For most people, a room filled with thousands of screaming children goes into the category of nightmare. But for the guys in Go Fish, it sounds like music to their ears—a dream come true.

Jamie Statema, Jason Folkmann and Andy Selness — Go Fish — are arguably one of the most unique groups in the music industry. Not only do they make music for children and families, but they create amazing sounds with just their voices and percussion.



For children, Go Fish may be their first real concert experience, complete with lights, backdrops and fog machines. It’s a rock and roll show, says the group, tailor-made for kids. “There’s a misconception out there of what children’s music has to be,” says Andy. “Quite honestly, it doesn’t have to be simple. You don’t have to dumb down music for kids. Because of that, parents really enjoy this music as well.”

“The most common remark we hear from parents is, ‘Go Fish CDs are the only ones that our entire family can agree to listen to in the car. Please don’t stop what you’re doing!’” says Jason. “That sums up why we do what we do—to have the opportunity to make music that brings entire families together.”

Following a string of successful independent recordings and two projects with the inpop label, Go Fish focused their energy on creating music for kids and families, releasing Splash in 2003, followed by Superstar in 2004 and Snooze in 2006, as well as the Showtime DVD and Christmas project, Snow, in 2006. However, it’s the group’s latest effort, Snazzy, that finds the Go Fish guys with an even stronger resolve to communicate Biblical truths to children these days.


Respected in both Christian and mainstream circles for their top-notch recordings and high-energy family concerts, Go Fish has celebrated numerous benchmarks in their career, including coverage on NBC’s “Today”Show; drawing more than 14,000 people to a concert at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota; a Focus on the Family Magazine cover story; and the group’s popular annual Christmas tour, which sells-out each year in nearly every city it hits. But it is not these accomplishments that drive Go Fish forward—it is simply walking out their mission, which was borne many years ago.

The trio quickly developed a strong following throughout Minnesota , Wisconsin , Iowa and North and South Dakota . Wanting to breakout into other areas of the country, they sought the help of the Nashville-based inpop label, recording two albums and making headway at radio with a more pop-oriented sound.

“We were an acappella group until that point,” recalls Jamie. “Then after signing with inpop, we added instruments and went a different direction. In the process, we learned that we already had a good grasp of what we were doing, and who we were called to be both musically and spiritually.”

“Long after we are gone, we hope that the music speaks for itself,” adds Jason. “Not only the quality and creativity, but the lasting effect it can have in the hearts of those who enjoy it.”

With all three members married—and now parents—that outreach is even more personal. “When you have children, you want to protect them with everything you have—but you can’t,” says Jamie. “And so, when you open that door and let someone else play a part in the life of your child, that is a huge thing, especially when that person is talking about principles for living. We take that responsibility extremely seriously, even in the little things. When I see a dad come through the autograph line with his little boy, I think,‘If I was that dad, what would I want this performer to do for my son that would just make his day?’”


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