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Ghoti Hook

Joel Bell - Vocals
Jamie Tolosa - Guitar
Mark Lacasse - Guitar
Christian Ergueta - Bass
Adam Neubauer - Drums

Ghoti Hook formed in November, 1991, when Joel Bell, Adam Neubauer and former member, Justin Levy, started the band. The boys grew up in the same church and discovered a passion for music in 1989. Christian Ergueta, Dan Feliciano, and Conrad Tolosa were other friends in the church who became part of the original line-up. The band contained three guitar players (Conrad, Dan, and Justin), a bass player (Christian), drummer (Adam) and a vocalist (Joel). They chose the name Ghoti Hook from a suggestion by Adam's dad ("ghoti" is the phonetic spelling of the word "fish" and is pronounced "go-dee"). Shortly after the band was conceived, Justin and Dan left the band to pursue other interests.

After years of struggling to make a name for themselves, finally in January of 1996, Ghoti Hook signed their contract with Tooth &Nail. They embarked on their first full length recording entitled "Sumo Surprise". The band recorded at Oz Studios in Baltimore, MD with engineer Drew Mazurek. Kevin 131 continued to act as the band's producer and also worked on the album. "Sumo Surprise" was recorded in ten days and contained fourteen original songs, though seven of the songs included in the record had been included on the first two independent releases. Ghoti Hook was pleased with their first album and excited for their future on Tooth & Nail.

Since then, the band has released several new albums and toured extensively. Their latest album is "Two Years To Never" and was released early this year.

Boca Grande

Sumo Surprise
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