George Huff -


About George Huff

One of the most likable singers on the third season of the nationally televised talent contest American Idol, George Huff was voted off halfway through the competition but returned to the public eye as a spiritual-pop singer signed to the Christian label Word.

George's first solo was at age 5 and he sang in assemblies in elementary school. Then at the age of 13, George joined a church choir. The choir took him to churches throughout Louisiana, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and even Norway. His choir director once said that George “rocked the gospel tent.


His first full album, Miracles (2005), is really a snapshot of his life. “My life is based on nothing but miracles,” says George. “When there were times growing up that we didn’t know where our next meal would come from, God always made a way.” With his career in full swing, George sings at mostly secular venues but is able to share his faith boldly. Many people come to him crying. “They just start opening up and sharing about their lives,” says George. “Many times, I have the opportunity to pray with them. Other times, I just encourage them and let them know they aren’t alone.”

George believes that you can’t get very far by hitting anyone over the head with the message of faith. “I want my albums and accomplishments to be entertaining and engaging,” says George. If I just live my life the way God calls us to, and people see that consistently, then at some point they might start hearing the music in new ways and on different levels. That’s when they’re ready to really go deeper,” he says.

George's other releases include My Christmas EP (2004) and a self titled album in 2009.