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About Fusebox

When Fusebox front man Bill Buchanan walks into a room you can't help but notice him. The dreadlocks and sunglasses are a dead giveaway that this guy doesn't settle for the status quo. Then you notice the smile—a huge grin of teeth that communicates a passion and joy for life that is infectious. But Buchanan's mission doesn't include drawing attention to himself. It's about diverting attention away from himself to a place where lives are changed. And in this case, it's truly a team effort, as heard in the band's debut CD, Lost in Worship (2002).

As the first artist signed to Elevate Records, the three guys of Fusebox are all committed to worshiping God, first and foremost. In addition to Buchanan, guitarist Brad Duncan and bassist Steve Conrad have joined creative forces to generate an electric and compelling musical experience.


With an incredibly strong background working with youth in their respective home churches, leading worship and just hanging out with the kids, the guys in the band are increasingly growing in their awareness of what it takes to speak straight to the heart of the people in the audience, regardless of their age. Traveling for several years as the touring band for Rebecca St. James, helping lead altar calls and getting to share their own music much of the time, Fusebox has encountered thousands of young people all over the world, meeting with youth leaders and hearing what challenges they face and how their music can be a tool to reach their youth.

This has lead Fusebox to focus on worship as a means of evangelism. "Worship is an amazingly powerful thing for people who don't know God at all," Steve explains. "As they come into a worship experience and God's presence is there, they can sense it and they want more of it. I think there's a need for people to bring worship to settings outside the church."


The group’s second album, Once Again, was released in 2004.  With a mix of driving guitars, funky bass lines, soulful gritty vocals, hypnotic beats, and worshipful lyrics, it is truly a contagious combination.

"During my years as a youth pastor," Brad explains, "I saw one of the biggest hindrances to worship was peer pressure. There's always that pressure not to be too spiritual. I might not be the cool person if I lift my hands or if I close my eyes, or just pursue God." Bill is quick to add, "The first thing I want to do in concert is try to get their defenses down, to get them to loosen up and have a good time."

Brad continues, "Our challenge is to figure out how can we be relevant, get the focus off of us, and show God for who He is. We really just want to get into God's presence and drag as many people as possible with us. When we get into God's presence our lives can't help but be changed."


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