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About The Fold

Chicago-bred rock band  The Fold includes the band’s frontman and founder, Daniel Castady, Aaron Green on guitar, Keith Mochel on bass and Mark Rhoades on drums.  Following a catchy indie rock debut titled This Too Shall Pass (2006), The Fold hit back with a sophomore record that is as fun as it is sensitive and personal, Secrets Keep You Sick (2007).


Produced by Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount (Cartel), and slated for release on Tooth & Nail, the eleven tracks stand as a sincere soundtrack to the last couple years of their lives, and an open invitation to the rest of the world to share the experience.

“These songs are about letting things out,” says Castady, “sometimes sharing your self and your struggles is the only way to move on.”

"Faster Still" and "Revisited" are both songs about my cousin Andrew," says frontman Daniel Castady. "He committed suicide at a young age, but struggled a lot with bipolar and schizophrenia before he did. He was my best friend, so it was really hard to watch him go downhill. "Faster Still" celebrated our younger years, we had such a good time growing up together, while "Revisited" talks about life after he was gone."

"Hey Rebekah?"  is a song that I wrote for my sister, Becky," continues Dan.  " She has a better voice than I'll ever have, and I just wrote the song as a way to say that she should always follow her dreams."

"Secrets Keep You Sick" reveals a group quite capable of making something beautiful of life – and finding a way to encourage the rest of the world to do the same.