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About Flatfoot 56

Flatfoot 56 is a bagpipe, celtic punk band from the southside of Chicago. Their enthusiastic style is contagious and fun loving. Every Flatfoot 56 show is a party. The crowed just loves the atmosphere that is created once flatfoot hits the stage.

Originally formed as a three-piece street punk band by Tobin, Kyle and Justin Bawinkel, three brothers, the band added a fourth member, Josh Robieson adding bagpipes and mandolin to the lineup.


Since the year 2000 Flatfoot 56 has steadily unleashed a rollicking barrage of Celtic punk and folk-tinged music with a party-like energy.  On their second Flicker Records’ full-length Jungle of the Midwest Sea (2007), their message is clear: Where you live is who you are, so don’t blow it.

Jungle of the Midwest Sea is well-produced with many anthems and catchy songs.  One element that sets this above the others is the inclusion of Amazing Grace.  Used as a traditional set closer in their live shows, the song Amazing Grace begins as a sing-along before launching into a circle pit.

Flatfoot 56 truly excels with their live shows where as much of the action happens in front of the stage as on it.  The band's trademark is their well-orchestrated circle pits and meat grinders, where the band calls the actions in between songs.


“When you look at the roots of Celtic music, most of that isn’t created by rich upper-class people, it’s a middle-of-the-lower-class style of music,” Tobin explains. “The best writers of some of the Celtic classics were all immigrants making nothing. It’s all about the rich oppressing them. Obviously, punk is not a very positive thinking genre as a whole either as it also comes from the lower-class kids.”

With a relentless touring schedule, Flatfoot has logged over 1200+ shows on three continents including appearances in England, Scotland, Japan, Germany and The Netherlands and at major music festivals domestically and abroad like Cornerstone, Soul Fest, Milwaukee Summerfest, Sonshine Festival, Riot Fest, Flevofest (The Netherlands), and Xniozz Fest (Germany). The band has shared the stage with an array of punk legends and modern rock acts alike, including Dead Kennedys, The Misfits, Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, MxPx, The Briggs, Street Dogs and countless others.