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About Five Iron Frenzy

Andrew Verdecchio - Drums

Reese Roper - Vocals

Keith Hoerig - Bass

Micah Ortega - Guitar

Sonnie Johnston - Guitar

Dennis Culp - Trombone

Brad Dunham - Trumpet

Jeff Ortega - Saxophone.


The band got it's name from a former room mate. He was kind of paranoid, and afraid that if he went outside on this particular night he was going to get jumped by some people. He had a golf club to defend himself and he said something to the effect of it being like "putter mayhem". Scott looked at the golf club he was holding, and noting that it was a five iron said, "No, more like a Five Iron Frenzy." The name stuck.

Five Iron Frenzy got together in 1996. Reese and Keith had been friends for 10 years and met at church. They met Micah about 7 years ago or so, he answered a "guitar player wanted" ad they had put in area music stores. Reese met Scott in Greeley, CO while he was going to school up there. They met Andrew at a Prayer Chain/Starflyer 59 show at the Aztlan. Then we were looking for horn players, we thought this would be very difficult, but Micah had said that his cousin played sax (that's when we first considered Jeff for the band, although most of us had met her way before that at shows and stuff). Scott mentioned that he knew a trumpet player named Nathanael (that was Brad's name back then), and Reese and Keith met Dennis through their church.


Five Iron Frenzy