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Farewell Flight

Farewell Flight is a four-man band from Central Pennsylvania that has only been around for a short time but has already made a positive impact.  The band assembled in September 2005 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  After developing their music with three members for several months, lead singer and guitarist Luke Foley, drummer Marc Prokopchak, and bassist Robbe Reddinger were eventually joined in May 2006 by additional guitarist Timmy.

Throughout it all, the band has developed a strong fan base in the central PA area and beyond, stemming from their invigorating live show, the release of four EPs, 20 tours and over 450 shows, coastline to coastline, and their latest release, Sound.Color.Motion (2008).

They strive to write songs soaked in honesty, which touch on themes of loneliness, hope, desperation, and ultimately– life. If you ever have any kind of desire to listen to a band that just does it right, Farewell Flight will slip into your "Morning Playlist" quite well.