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It was an odd twist of fate--a serious illness--that set him on his career path. At the age of eight, Ernie contracted a severe case of spinal meningitis. With their son not expected to live, Ernie's mother and dad prayed that if God would spare their son, they would dedicate him to God's service. Their prayers were answered, and Ernie made a complete recovery. Soon after returning from the hospital, Ernie asked his mother one day  "Mom, when I grow up, can I travel and sing for Jesus?" She knew then that God had something in special for her son.


Ernie sang with the Noblemen for about three years while he was attending college on a baseball scholarship. After he left the group He sing with a ensemble called Earthlight from Oakland city Indiana. That is were Scott Fowler & Ernie cross paths. Both were about 21 years old at the time.

Ernie began singing professionally in 1986, at the young age of 21, when he joined the gospel group, "Redeemed", headed by singer/songwriter Squire Parsons.  Redeemed toured extensively throughout the US and Canada as a respected talented group of young men.  It was then that Ernie realized his calling as a full time traveling evangelist, singing and proclaiming the Good News!

In 1990, Ernie joined Southern Gospel’s most elite and prestigious quartet, The Cathedrals.  Being tenor for that group earned Ernie a handful of awards, and placed him not only on thousands of stages throughout the land, but instantly gave him a special place in the hearts of thousands of gospel music a role model to the young, and as a torch-bearer of traditional gospel music to the aged.


When the Cathedrals decided to retire in 1999, Ernie felt the Lord leading him into full time solo work.  His concert calendar for 2000 was already filling up months before the group’s time of ministry had even ended- an obvious sign that the Lord was already faithfully carving a road for His son to travel on.

He gathered a group of like-minded men who shared his love for great harmonies, time-honored songs and energetic performances... and together they have become an unstoppable force in their industry.  Inspired by their heroes, loved by their audiences and blessed beyond their wildest dreams, Ernie Haase (tenor), Ryan Seaton (lead), Doug Anderson (baritone) and Tim Duncan (bass) share a deep love for gospel music.  That passion, along with an intensely strong work ethic, has launched them to the forefront of southern gospel music.

The group's first DVD release soared to the top of Billboard Magazine's music video chart and simultaneously topped the Christian Contemporary Music video chart.  That same DVD achieved Gold sales status by the Recording Industry Association of America, and the project's accompanying audio release topped both CCM and Southern Gospel audio charts simultaneously at number one.   

Ernie Haase & Signature Sound received two 2008 Dove Awards for their second DVD release in the categories of Southern Gospel Recorded Song of the Year and Southern Gospel Album of the Year (Get Away Jordan) and has also been certified Gold by RIAA.

Haase and the members of Signature Sound believe a major factor in the success they have been blessed to achieve lies in their ability to effectively communicate with each audience member. "We try to make them feel like they are a big part of what we do, and they are." Haase shares. "Just like a home crowd can serve as the 'sixth man' in a basketball game, we are energized by the response of the crowd. We have the responsibility to communicate a very important message to them, and it's important that we can see they are getting that message. It's the message that changes lives. It's the message of the Gospel."


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