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About Edison Glass

A Christian indie rock band from Long Island New York, Edison Glass is a collaboration of Thomas Alva Edison and composer Philip Glass, formed in 1999 when Joshua Silverberg (singer/guitar), brothers Joe (drums) and Mountain (singer/bass) Morin, and James Usher (guitar) came together for a singular cause – making rock music for the kids.

Each member of the Long Island band found music to be their creative outlet at an early age. While some in the band began piano lessons at around the age of 8 years old, Silverberg penned his first song in kindergarten. Being stuck in piano lessons at the same time you are forming a band means that you have dabbled in everything from Nirvana covers to Bach, from complex orchestral arrangements to the murkiest depths of punk rock. Drawing from a soup of Indie rock, smart pop and classical influences, Edison Glass has developed a sound that, while akin to The Police and The Mars Volta, is very much all their own. After all, being in a band was never about being cool; creating music has always been a necessary outlet. “It’s like breathing, if don’t I will die,” Silverberg talks of the bands dedication to their art. “It’s burning inside and it needs to come out. To me, composition, and creative thinking is absolutely essential.”


Their debut album, A Burn Or A Shiver was released in 2006. It is an album that definitely deserves some recognition.  In a world where some Christian bands are often stigmatized and looked down upon, Edison Glass is not one of them.  Their messages are not too preachy and the lyrics can be interpreted in a multitude of ways. The band knows how to add new life to a typically repetitive rock genre and they appeal to a wide spectrum of genres.

The band followed up A Burn Or A Shiver with the release of Let Go EP in 2007 and the album Time Is Fiction in 2008.