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About Echoing Angels

Originally called Two Bare Feet, Christian rock band Echoing Angels was formed in 1999 by drummer Jon Poole and bassist Josh Armour. Soon they added singer Chris Peevy and guitarists Shannon Cochran and Jared Lee and their lineup was complete.

Growing up in small Georgia towns set the stage for these down-home boys and best friends to enjoy their camaraderie come-what-may in the music world. Band founder and drummer Jon Poole set aside collegiate baseball for music ministry and teamed up with bass player Josh Armour over pizza. Poole and Armour met their new frontman Chris Peevy and immediately connected before any music was played. "When Josh and I met Chris one evening at dinner, we hadn't even played music together," remembers Poole. "But as we were sitting there, we just started talking about how we could serve God and how he could be glorified through us. We knew we were to serve Him through music, whatever capacity that was, we wanted to be obedient and if that meant southern gospel, praise and worship, or rock, we wanted His will to be done."

After playing the indie Christian circuit for a time, the band's song "You Alone," began to receive significant airplay in their native Atlanta , enough to get them the attention of INO Records, who signed Echoing Angels in 2006- an event which precipitated the changing of their name due to copyright issues.


Their debut album, by the same name You Alone, was released in 2007.

"That song took about one year to write," says Peevy. "In a year's span of growing and abandoning to Jesus, this song came to life. Writing it truly was a growing experience."

As is this whole journey for Echoing Angels. Each member learns obedience not just in the spotlight of the stage, but in the light of the day-to-day. "If the five of us were not in a band together, we'd still strive to be obedient each day; we'd seek God's word and plan for our lives," says Armour. "We as the Church need to be there for each other and unite for the cause of Christ," Peevy adds. "The song ‘You Alone' is about praising God and saying, ‘You are worthy. Through what you've done and brought us through, we'll worship you.' We're on a mission to just be there for each other, strong in our relationship with God and each other."

Leaving the power tools and golf clubs behind will come in due time, but all the guys agree that obedience to God's call in their day-to-day lives will be the source from which Echoing Angels will thrive in its music and ministry. "Obedience isn't just about following a call to ministry but it's a call that God has placed before each of us personally," says Peevy. * * * *