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About Dizmas

Dizmas is a five-piece, honest rock and roll band from the deserts of Southern California . Originally formed in 1998 by nothing more than adolescent lovers of hard music, Dizmas -through years of touring and meticulous songcraft- has gracefully grown into a finely-tuned, professional and passionate rock band.

Dizmas has been influenced over the years by bands such as the Foo Fighters, Blindside, Incubus, Rage Against the Machine, At-the Drive-In, Switchfoot, Led Zeppelin, and the greats of classic rock and roll in general. The result is quite impressive: Modern Rock music with both the power and the subtlety of Rock and Roll from the past, capped with screamingly powerful melodies and intrusively catchy hooks.

The band's first release was the single Controversy (2005), and their debut album that same year, On A Search in American, Credential Recordings.  “I think early on we understood to make a band happen, we had to up the ante,” says drummer Clayton Hunt of Dizmas’ work ethic and detailed merging of such progressive head pounding. “We’ve always shot for the best we could attain and believe God arranged how everything else has come together.”

Dizmas's more recent releases are Tension (2007) and Dismas (2008).  Ask any one of the guys what’s really on their minds and it stretches beyond making incredibly engaging music that crosses a hybrid of diverse, rabble-rousing influences. Instead they’ll say they’re on a search, one much more deep and profound than the immediate gratification of pop culture pleasantries and alluring advertisements.

“A lot of people in the world are probably going to be offended by what we say or represent and that’s fine,” lead singer Zach Zegan relates. “[We’re not afraid] to be bold with what we sing about and [we’ll] admit our shortcomings and struggles. Without sounding arrogant, our hope is that listeners would see our passion, and ultimately the source of that passion, which is our God.”

“Some people wait until they are just about to die to try and find happiness,” contends Zach. “We want to let them know sooner that they’ll only find it in Christ.”