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About Demon Hunter

Sgt. Serpent, Chuck Knuckles, Utah Biggs, Arm, and John Gredal comprise the heavy, aggressive metal sounds of Seattle 's Demon Hunter. They hooked up with Aaron Sprinkle (MxPx, Dolour, Poor Old Lu) for their wonderfully metallic Solid State self-titled debut, which appeared in fall 2002.

At first the members of the band chose to hide their identities, creating some controversy over the band. However, their individual identities were later revealed as brothers (and ex-Training for Utopia members) vocalist Ryan Clark and guitarist Don Clark, drummer Jesse Sprinkle (ex-Poor Old Lu), bassist Joe Dunn, and guitarist Kris McCaddon (ex-Embodyment). Summer of Darkness was issued in mid-2004, after which a couple membership changes occurred. Sprinkle left to join Dead Poetic and was replaced by Timothy "Yogi" Watts (ex-Lonely Hearts), and McCaddon exited to be replaced by Ethan Luck (formerly of the O.C. Supertones).


The band's classic sophomore album, Summer of Darkness, boasted guest appearances from members of Killswitch Engage and other friends and contemporaries. A heavy blast of power, the album also featured the beautiful ballad "My Throat is an Open Grave," which has become a centerpiece at many fans weddings. It also spawned the single "Not

Ready to Die," which was featured on the soundtrack to "Resident Evil: Apocalypse."

Triptych followed in 2005. Middle Ages and Renaissance artists often used "triptychs" when constructing their alter pieces - a triptych being a painting or carving with three side-by-side parts, panels or canvasses, which together (and only together) form a greater whole.  On this album Ethan Luck (The O.C. Supertones, The Dingees) joined as lead guitarist.

The Triptych was produced by longtime friend Aaron Sprinkle (Emery, Acceptance) at The Compound in Seattle , Washington and mixed by Machine (Lamb Of God, White Zombie). The album's three limited edition covers were painted by renowned cover artist Dan Seagrave (Suffocation, Morbid Angel, Entombed).

In November 2007 Demon Hunter released a new album “Storm The Gates Of Hell

Storm the Gates of Hell contains Demon Hunter's most jaw-dropping and aggressive material, recalling the best and brightest of thrash metal's glory days on tracks like the barnstorming opener and "The Wrath of God." Alternately, songs like first single "Fading Away" give the best of Modern Rock a run for its money, and the ballad "Carry Me Down" threatens to eclipse previous fan favorites like "My Heartstrings Come Undone."

"Sixteen" directly addresses the milquetoast bands overcrowding magazines and clubs with this message: as more authentic music crawls and fights its way through, your fifteen minutes is nearing its inevitable end. "Thorns" is infused with a romantic darkness on the musical side, with a firm message against suicide in the lyrics. "Lead Us Home" is as big an anthem as the band has ever written. "I Am You" is another song to rally behind, letting the listener know that struggles are shared and that hope exists. "Follow the Wolves" encourages us to stand apart from the pack, to seek the truth and serve.

The group released a live album, entitled "Live in Nashville " on January 27, 2009.  It includes 14 songs from their show in Nashville , Tennessee from their "Stronger Than Hell" tour. The album features lead guitarist Patrick Judge, who filled in for Luck on several of the "Stronger Than Hell" dates due to Luck's conflicting scheduling commitments as drummer for Relient K.

"To deem the entire heavy metal genre as somehow morally unacceptable is a naive thing to do," notes singer and lyricist Ryan Clark. "What we do, as Demon Hunter, tends to appeal to young people. But instead of giving them a message of despair and hopelessness, we offer hope."