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History of Delirious

Delirious was making waves in its native land of England long before its music hit the States. But when its music finally made it here, it rose to popularity fast. Delrious had the creative product of its seven years deposited on American soil in less than 24 months.

At the end of '97, Sparrow Records released the massive two-disc pop/worship album, Cutting Edge, to both strong reviews and an incredible audience response in the States. Some of the songs on that album had been recorded over four years earlier, and the collection had been released throughout the U.K. and Europe on the band's own Furious Records label.

Then in mid-'98, Sparrow released the band's pop/rock follow-up, King of Fools, which at that time was already a year old in the U.K., where the band has a successful mainstream single with "Deeper."

Now, shifting into high gear, Delirious released Mezzamorphis, an album documenting the growth and change in the band as they traveled their faith-journey and expand musical horizons.

"We're very excited about this record, and we can't wait for our fans to hear it. Anyone who's really into music, we think will like it. We've reached the stage, where we've had to face the reality that we can't please everyone. We take each step as it comes. We're going to see what happens, and try to be obedient. We don't have an axe to grind, we're just going to do what we've always done."

Delirious' Debut Album : King of Fools - 1997

Cutting Edge - Recorded in 1998 * Mezzamorphis

Live & in The Can - Recorded 1996


Delirious - GLO - October 10th 2000

From Littlehampton, England, this band has spread the news of Jesus all around the world with worship that rocks! With the hit song "God's Romance" your heart won't stop dancing!

Delirious - Deeper - The definitive Worship Experience - October 9th 2001

This two CD set features songs from a lot of Delirious' previous albums. Deeper: The Definitive Worship Experience traces the history of the band in songs. On this album, Delirious recorded new versions of several songs, as well as remixing a few songs. Deeper truly is a deeper worship experience!

Delirious - Touch - November 19th 2002


After a ten year journey that has seen Delirious go from leading local youth worship events to leading a worldwide movement in worship, Delirious offer their fifth studio album: Touch. It's all about finding and hanging onto that touch from the eternal, the One without which we cannot survive. The theme spreads throughout the album, at times delicate, but at a turn expressing the true grit of a life lived in love with the Son.

Delirious - Libertad - October 26th 2002

12 of your favorite 'Cutting Edge' tracks re-recorded by Delirious in Spanish, with the title Libertad, which is Spanish for 'Freedom'.


Delirious Band Members:
Martin Smith - Lead Vocals & Guitars
Tim Smith - Keyboards * Jon Thatcher - Bass
Stu G. - Guitars & Backing Vocals
Steward Smith - Drums

A highlight of 2003 happened in August, during a concert at Harvest Crusade in Anaheim's Angel's Stadium. While the audience listened to the band as they played their hit song, MAJESTY, while watching a video introduction and a trailer put together by Mel Gibson, of his film, THE PASSION OF CHRIST, which has been released to the theaters, on Ash Wednesday, 2004.

Jon described what happened and the band's reaction. "It was extremely powerful due to the way the lyrics and visuals harmonize. It's a sweet anthemic melody juxtaposed with the brutality of the visuals."

"I hope that the film brings home the truth of Jesus Christ's life. It's so easy to sanitize, water down and make irrelevant, but hopefully this will bring it back home again for everyone."

Delirious' New Album - World Service - Released Oct.26, 2003


World Service captures the heart and sound of a band in the middle of something inspirational. Plug into this, the latest offering from Delirious, and you'll connect to 12 tracks that will do your heart good. You will also see that when life is tough - but God is good - the soul finds a stronger melody to sing.

World Service Statement: by Martin Smith

"It's been almost a year since we started writing the songs for 'World Service' Of course we didn't have a clue that it would be named that but were simply intent on writing a collection of words and melodies that went deeper than we'd ever gone before."

"The studio sessions were intense but exhilarating as we sensed early on that this wasn't going to be just 'another album'. The life of Delirious has definitely had its twists and turns of late but we have been graced again with music that you can feel God smiling at."


"It is going to be a labour of love to tour the world with these songs and to be a part of Gods 'World Service' See you on the terraces."

Delirious' 2004 World Tour

delirious music

It has truly been an all-around-the-world year for Delirious since the global release of WORLD SERVICE in late 2003 and early 2004. In the United States, the project has earned the band its best reviews and radio airplay (for "Rain Down" and "Majesty") since the gold-selling 1997 debut, CUTTING EDGE, which featured breakthrough hit "I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever." In Germany, Delirious has notched a major mainstream radio hit with the WORLD SERVICE track "Inside Outside," followed by a string of high-profile concert festival and television appearances.

Delirious has accepted an invitation to perform at the 2004 Olympic Games opening ceremonies in Athens, Greece, on August 14. Although an exact concert time has not yet been confirmed, Delirious will take part in the Cultural Committee of Athens event at Omonia Square.

Soon after the Olympic performance, Delirious has shows scheduled in Sweden and Switzerland and will tour throughout its native England during October, 2004.


DRUMS: Stewart Smith



LEAD VOCALS: Martin Smith

BASS: Jon Thatcher

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