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About DeLana Stevens

Born in the quite town of Basin Wyoming, DeLana Stevens' roots are those of hard work and a serious demeanor. To succeed, you study the lay of the land. To learn to sing, you just Do It!

While growing up she sang along with everything she heard; Wynonna, Dottie West, and Bonnie Raitt. She wailed to the sounds of Aerosmith and cried along with Johnny Cash. At age five she'd strut to the Rolling Stones, and learned the meaning of a cowboy's life from the words of Chris LeDoux. She saw a strong future for women in the song's of Aretha Franklin. She developed an 'old musical soul' at a very young age.

By age 13, DeLana Stevens developed a voice with salt, smoke and soul that poured out, whether tending to a low key ballad or belting out an up tempo country-rocker with plenty of strength and sass. Her words or the word of her radio friends, it didn't matter, singing was what she was born doing.  At the age of 13 she got her first taste of music city, Nashville TennesseeNashville is a tuff town that should have a warning to potential musicians "Enter At Your Own Risk" on its Welcome sign; but it doesn't. Some aspiring 'stars' who travel to music city, return home, defeated and facing the fact that success isn't as easy as it looks. Not DeLana Stevens. Her grit grew out of the rural Wyoming earth. After conquering the obligatory new talent contests and developing a studio style all her own, DeLana Stevens, seeking validation, placed her heart and songs on the internet. By May of 2005, DeLana Stevens eclipsed the 160,000 download/plays mark on!

After eleven years in Nashville , Stevens was signed to Mach One/Spinville Records late in 2005. She recorded her first project Welcome to My World early in 2006, at the famed Sound Kitchen and Emerald Sound Studios in Nashville . Stevens spent 2006 visiting radio stations and performing live; traveling by car across the US. Her efforts in support of title track single, Welcome to My World and it's follow up single/video Say Hello To Heaven, paid off. Radio opened its ears to DeLana Stevens' music and began 'welcoming' her into their 'world' adding both singles consecutively to there ever competitive charts. "I guess now I'm glad it was a little rough in those first few years. If it happens for you too early, you never get a chance to fully develop as an artist and as a person," stated the 25 year-old Stevens.

DeLana Stevens' Say Hello To Heaven video, which Stevens filmed with Nashville 's Vintage Flick Productions, was seen by millions on and GAC TV's On Demand. The video also aired on the Gospel Music Channel where it placed in the Top 5 Requested Videos with its heartfelt message addressing the pain of loosing a family member to a drunk driver and the courage to forgive.

More recent, her third single, Good Enough For Me, was released in early 2007, followed by Welcome to My World on Mach One/Spinville Records released in January of 2007.