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About Deitrick Haddon

Gospel artist Deitrick Haddon has been singing, leading choirs, and preaching since he was just a young boy. Today, he has become one of Gospel music's most notable and respected artists. Haddon finds excellence both as a songwriter and a singer and performs with a level of intensity and emotion that is second to none. He also spends time pastoring at his church. In 2003, Haddon was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Soul Gospel Album for Lost and Found. Through all his success, Haddon remains steadily focused on his mission to bring hope to the lost and lead them to Christ.

Deitrick Haddon was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan to a family with roots both in music and in preaching. It became apparant at a very young age that Haddon had been blessed with those gifts, as well. He preached his first sermon at age 11, and began directing the choir at the church his father pastored when he was 13.

In the mid 90's, Haddon began his recording career with the Voices of Unity on the small Tyscot label. The group put out three albums (Come Into This House, Live the Life, This is My Story), but Haddon soon felt led to go out on his own as a solo artist. His first two albums, This is My Story and Chainbreaker did fairly well, but his greatest success came when he released Lost and Found on August 6, 2002 on the Verity Records label. Lost and Found recieved extremely high acclaim and was thought of as perhaps the finest Gospel disc of the new Millennium. Lost and Found has a very funky, futuristic soul gospel sound and is filled with strong, personal lyrics.

Haddon followed up his very successful Lost and Found album with Crossroads in August of 2004. The record, which contains 20 songs and much of the same sound as his previous, has also been very well received. His wife, Damita, formerly of the group Adoration 'N Praise, accompanies him on many of his songs on both records.

In 2001, Haddon, along with his wife, brought together over 300 of Detroit's youth for "Detroit Sings Nu Hymnz"... "Sing A Nu Song." The project, titled Nu Hymnz: Live from the Motor City, was recorded live and released in February of 2001.

Deitrick Haddon has many influences that he respects, such as Marvin Winans, Rance Allen, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Donnie Hathaway. His favorite singer of all time is Sam Cooke. Haddon would not compare himself to these artist, but they are important to him and have helped develop him into the artist he is today.

Besides, music, Haddon is very involved as a youth pastor and minister of music at Unity Cathedral of Faith Church, which is pastored by his parents, Bishop Clarence B. and Dr. Joyce Haddon.



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