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About DecembeRadio

Ask anyone who has ever been to a DecembeRadio show to describe the experience and you’ll get an enthusiastic barrage of comments about the band’s blistering stage show, an adrenaline-fueled rock spectacle that leaves audiences nearly breathless. Yet intertwined among the searing guitars and anthemic choruses, the heart of the band shines through on every note.

It’s that unwavering commitment to spread the Gospel that defines the essence of DecembeRadio and reverberates throughout their sophomore set Satisfied (Slanted Records).

“God has called us to do this and we know that,” says guitarist Eric Miker. “Every time we play a show we hear how our songs have impacted people. We’ve had people come up to us after the show and say, ‘This song is what made me realize that no matter what it was that I was going through, I could turn back to God.’ They just need to hear the words.”

Few bands more effectively fuse music and ministry than this Virginia-based foursome. Miker along with lead vocalist/bassist Josh Reedy, lead guitarist Brian Bunn and drummer Boone Daughdrill burst onto the national scene with their self-titled Slanted Records’ debut in 2006. The project was nominated for a Grammy for Best Rock or Rap Gospel Album and earned the group four Dove Award nominations, including nods in the Best New Artist category and Song of the Year for “Drifter.” That night the band claimed their first Dove Award when DecembeRadio was honored for Rock Album of the Year, an impressive feat for a new band.

Boone explains, "We believe that a lot of people don’t like to listen to Christian music because they don’t like to listen to the way that it sounds. What we want to do is to take the message of hope that we have through Christ and put it with music that just sounds like good old rock ‘n roll."

Josh adds, "We feel really passionate about the whole music thing and about being a band that is the same live as they are in the studio. Not that we have anything against studio musicians, but we feel like that is missing in a lot of music out there now. We grew up on all of the old school rock … from the Stones to Led Zeppelin to Tom Petty … those kinds of bands. We feel like God has called us to a musical style that is not represented as much as, say, more modern, harder edged bands. We are bringing the old school to the new school."


DecembeRadio recorded their sophomore effort; Satisfied (2008), at Atlanta’s famed Southern Tracks studios and once again turned to producer Scotty Wilbanks.

“While recording the new record,” says Josh Reedy, “we tried to ask ourselves a few questions: ‘Who are we and what are we trying to say?’ The song ‘Satisfy Me’ not only represents who we are musically but how we feel spiritually as a band. You can never be satisfied with who you are alone. You'll come up short every time. The relationship we have with God is the only thing that will ever satisfy us. Music will never satisfy us, nor money, fame or any of those things. Being satisfied by Christ is the reason we're here on this earth. To satisfy is exactly what He died to do. The music, lyrics and soul of this record as a whole are about not being afraid to be who you are. Be satisfied.”

As they began writing and recording their sophomore effort, the band felt a new sense of confidence in their musicianship and a feeling of creative freedom. “We started finding out that we had grown so much as writers and as a band,” says Reedy. “We were having the most fun that we’ve ever had in making this music and that’s the way it should be.”


“There’s definitely a lot in the set for musicians or any rock n’ roll fan to like- the energy, the guitar solos and the drum solos,” notes lead guitarist Brian Bunn. “But we also try to react to the audience on a deeper level and with a more spiritual mindset. We have a set of worship that brings all that into focus…one of the guys shares a message, and we have a time of prayer. Then we celebrate again at the end and really rock out.” 

“We’re not out to try to be rock stars… we’re just a bunch of southern boys who want to hang out, have a good time and inspire others,” sums up Bunn. “But we’re not trying to play it safe musically or spiritually. We’re not interested in selling out to the industry to be famous and we’re passionate about being technically on top of our game. We realize each day that without God we’re nothing, and it’s our mission to spread His message through music. Without that, we’d be unhappy and lonely… you’re never going to be happy, find peace or comfort without the fulfillment of Christ in your life.”