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About Deas Vail

Christian rock band Deas Vail ("God's Humble Servant") features the vocals of Wes Blaylock along with guitarist Andy Moore, drummer Kelsey Harelson, keyboardist Laura Beth Hudson and bassist Jonathan Childs.

The band's debut All the Houses Look the Same (2007), features the sharp and feverish guitar work of Andy Moore (think Chris Walla or Jonny Greenwood), whose riffs are as memorable as any of the ridiculously high notes that Blaylock hits.  Produced by Mark Lee Townsend (Relient K), is contained an aray of instrumentation. By the time the manic guitar of "Rewind" fades away, it is replaced by the piano-led "Shoreline," courtesy of keyboardist Laura Blaylock, Wes' wife. The song also features a haunting string arrangement by the Blaylocks and the driving and clever rhythm section of drummer Kelsey Harelson and bassist Justin Froning backs all of it.


A hefty helping of 13 songs, All The Houses Look The Same looks excessive from a relative unknown. And while some of the songs get a bit long and formulaic, most tracks will have you wishing for more. Deas Vail might be unfamiliar to most, but they have been a band for 3 years, constantly perfecting a blend of soaring choruses, post-rock influenced guitars (“Rewind”) and expert drumming all the while.

Supporting acts like Lost Ocean, John Reuben and Edison Glass helped build the band’s fan base, a trend they would like to continue this year as the band feels their live show is essential to the experience and that more new fans can be made with this album. “To us, playing live is just as important as making records, maybe more,” Blaylock said. “Even if we get tired of playing these songs, there’s meaning in the lyrics and we still feel like it’s good music.”


Deas Vail starts with a classically trained vocalist and a band raised on Super Mario Brothers and ends up anything but simple, full of life and trickery, like the sound your heart makes getting blasted into outer space.

Life is full of tough decisions, but this thankfully isn’t one of them. White Lights, the bands latest release (2008) added to your collection. It’s a no brainer.