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About Dear Future

Dear Future is four lads from Pickneyville, a small town in Southern Illinois: Brandon Ross, lead vocals, guitar, keys; Wes Chandler, lead guitar; Ethan Place, drums; and Paul Genzink, bass, guitar, keys.

In 2006 the band self-released The Emergency EP to wide acclaim.  After their first promising release, which sold out in less than a year, the band has worked hard to put together their latest collection of songs: another self-released EP entitled Can't Wait Any Longer (2008). A collection of six expansive and uplifting songs all lined up to follow one another perfectly.

“We are definitely more excited about these new songs,” explains Ross. “We didn't waste time in the studio, but before that we really took our time with the writing process. It had to be better than our last release, we were determined! So we had more songs to choose from this time around, and had plenty of time to explore parts of our sound that we hadn't touched... You are sure to hear some new things from us!”

Together since 2006, Dear Future has already garnered fans nationwide, thanks to an aggressive touring schedule and festival appearances: ten tours in two-and-a-half years, each of them averaging two weeks at a time. The band has shared the stage with such acts as Dear and the Headlights, Motion City Soundtrack, House of Heroes and Relient K.

Dear Future's music offers a message of hope. "We are all believers," says Brandon. "We believe in the power of grace, forgiveness and love."