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About David Klinkenberg

David Klinkenberg is a very talented fiddle player who mixes ministry with music that ranges from Celtic to country with an occasional vocal thrown in.  He is best known for his touring and performing with highly regarded artist, Jim Brickman, Mark Schultz.

His latest project, Legacy… Hymns of Our Heritage, is exclusive to Family Christian Stores.  On this record Klinkenberg delivers an array of classic hymns tinged with gospel, bluegrass, jazz, pop and old world; played in unique worship only Klinkenberg’s “fiddle” can convey.

A Klinkenberg concert is an event that spans the musical spectrum. From the classical to the kooky, David’s fiddle (as he likes to call it) generates a melodic mixed of inspiration, with a healthy dose of levity.

Klinkenberg has been developing his artistry as a violin player since the age of four. As his talent developed, he began playing churches and local concert halls leading to his current relationship with Brickman and achieving success with his tours of solo performances. But for Klinkenberg, the feeling he gets playing his “fiddle” is nothing short of a powerful worship experience, rather than a mere performance.