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About the David Crowder Band

When David Crowder was attending Baylor University in Waco, Texas in the mid 1990's, he learned that more than half of the 14,000 students enrolled in the college were not attending church. This was very disturbing to Crowder, and after many conversations with a friend of his, they decided to start a church that was college friendly. Thus, University Baptist Church was born. That was 1996. Today, almost a decade later, nearly 1,000 people, most of which are college students, are attending the church. Although David Crowder's music ministry has grown significantly since then, he can still be found leading worship there on many Sundays.

Crowder deeply wanted to find a way to connect these college students to the heart of God, so he began writing songs that he hoped the students at his school could relate to. A band began to form, and a few years and some new members later, the current lineup came into being and they all commited themselves completely to the ministry.

Eventually, an independent record was made for their church. As time passed, though, more and more people outside of Waco, Texas began to hear about this little worship band and were interested in what they were doing. Requests began pouring in for the band to play at various festivals, conferences, and retreats such as Passion and DC/LA. Everyone seemed to be latching on to this worship band, especially SixSteps records, who signed a record deal with them in 2002.

The group is known for their rock/pop/inspiration/worship music that spans a whole range of spiritual emotions. It ministers to Christians while at the same time reaches and connects with non-Christians. Their first record, Can You Hear Us? was released in 2002. Since then, three more "David Crowder" albums have been released: Illuminate (2003), The Lime CD (2004), Sunsets, and Sushi (2005). The Lime CD is a mixture of songs from their yellow and green CD's which were never released. Sunsets and Sushi includes remixes of nine songs from Illuminate. The group is starting to prepare for their next album which could be out in September of 2005.

The David Crowder Band has found tremendous success over the last few years. In the Spring of 2004, they lauched their first headlining tour. The summer of that same year, they had the opportunity to tour with Michael W. Smith and MercyMe. 2005 has brought them two Dove Award nominations: Modern Rock Recorded Song of the Year for "Revolutionary Love", and Rock/Conteporary Album of the Year for The Lime CD. This comes as a complete surprise to them and they are completely honored by it.

When David first started writing music, he mainly focused on lyrics that discussed the difficult things he was going through. At that time there were not many congregational worship songs that did that so he struck a chord with many people. Today, David says that he writes many of his songs while riding in the car in the country with his wife. Even though his audience has changed, though, David always writes his songs with his University Baptist Church congregation in mind.

Although the David Crowder Band is comprised of six different individuals, they have all committed themselves to work together in an effort to give hope to those who have left the church, as well as those who have come back. They feel very blessed by the work God has done in their lives and look forward to what He has planned for them in the future.

Band Members:

David Crowder... Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar

Jack Parker - Electric Guitar

Jason Solley - Electric Guitar, BGVs

Mike Hogan - Violin, Turntables

Jeremy Bush - Drums

Mike Dodson - Bass


Sunsets & Sushi, 2005 (SixSteps)

The Lime CD, 2004 (SixSteps)

Illuminate, 2003 (SixSteps)

The Yellow CD, 2003

Can You Hear Us?, 2002 (SixSteps)

The Green CD, 2002

All I Can Say, 1999 (independent)



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