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Curtis Moore is one of the top Gospel artists to ever come out of Nashville – Nashville, Indiana, that is. But Moore’s dedication to spreading the Gospel through his music and his country-gospel trio, Crossreference, is not second to any Nashville artist anywhere.

“We go to nursing homes, churches and special events,” Moore tells, “as well as some churches that have never used contemporary style music before in their worship services.” Besides recording and bringing their music to various venues in and around Indiana, Moore performs regularly at his church, New Life Community Church.

Growing up in southern Indiana, Moore went to church but found the services conflicted with his family’s restaurant business. “Even though my parents were believers, they thought it was our duty to feed the army of church-goers on Sunday,” he says. “I had to hurry back to the restaurant from church before the crowd arrived, to feed them.”

Moore’s first experience with music, at the age of six, didn’t go so well. “My mother took me and my sister to piano lessons every week and I didn’t like it,” he explains, “mostly because my sister could play circles around me.”

A few years later, when he was 13, his father thought he should have guitar lessons. “I don’t know what made him do it,” Moore says. “I guess it was God opening the door for me.” From that time on, Moore was passionate about the guitar. “I found other guys to form a band and we played everywhere we could,” he says. “When I got out of college, I thought I would be smart and play on the road. What an experience it was, playing for drunks and lonely people every night.” But, he adds, “I was honing my talents to become a warrior for God.”

Moore says he became a true Christian after a powerful experience related to a dream. “I awoke suddenly and didn’t really understand my dream. The next day I went to a book store and something told me to buy the book ‘The Late Great Planet Earth.’ As I read it, I came to a part where the author speaks on the Rapture,” Moore says. “I recognized the dream I had and I fell to my knees and weeping I told God that I believed in Him and His Word.”

His first song, “One of These Mornings,” tells of the Rapture. “Most of my compositions have come from a phrase I heard or a scripture that inspired me,” he says. “I have also written songs based on my relationship to others such as my son, who was overseas when I wrote ‘Jesus is Here with Me,’ to help him get through the tough days.”

Crossreference’s album, “One of These Days,” is a humorous take on the days of AM Radio, Moore says. “It’s about a gospel program back in the hills of the Midwest. The rest of the album is a blend of rock, contemporary and hints of bluegrass.”

Moore’s life as a Christian has also pulled him through some dark days when he developed a heart valve problem. Scheduled for surgery, he took one more test. “God did something miraculous and brought my valve back to a normal state,” Moore avows. “The heart doctor said that heart valves don’t heal themselves like other tissues. Once they are torn or strained, they must be surgically repaired or replaced. So there had to be a Divine Hand that repaired my valve.”

Moore’s testament of faith endured against doubts by some in his family. “They said the doctor must have made a mistake,” he says. “My response was ‘Which doctor?’ because there were three heart doctors who reviewed my file and two technicians who administered the tests.”

God likes his angels, his messengers of love, and no doubt wants to keep Curtis Moore around at least a while longer to sing his praises and to keep working on his mission. “To express love to Jesus through song, evangelize the lost, and encourage those who are hungry for His word. That is our mission.”

-- Nate Lee  * *