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About  Crabb Revival

More than twelve years ago, a group of five siblings from rural Kentucky stormed the Christian music industry with perhaps the strongest burst onto the scene ever noted in the history of the music.  With successes equivalent to only legends, the Crabb Family carried their banner strong through numerous chart-topping songs, too many awards to name, and literally thousands of souls won into the kingdom of God . Their combination of innocence, sincerity, talent and anointing became an avenue in which the Spirit of God could flow through them and right to the needs of audiences everywhere.

Though disbanding in August 2007, the mark they made on the music industry, but more importantly on the family of God, will not soon be forgotten.



In the center of the Crabb Family ministry were siblings Adam Crabb and Terah Crabb Penhollow. Both uniquely talented, this brother and sister team bring together the necessary components to continue carrying the torch begun by their family. While their siblings are answering the call in various other avenues of ministry, both Adam and Terah still feel a very strong calling on their lives to sing. At the end of the Crabb Family’s reign in gospel music, they chose to continue the legacy, and so began Crabb Revival.

Adam Crabb was noted during his time with the Crabb Family for his heartfelt lead vocals and amazing harmonies, but even more for his musicianship. Adam is one of the greatest musicians to ever stand on a musical stage, playing harmonica as well as various other instruments.  Adam was featured on several Crabb Family hits, such as the number one, "The Walk".

Terah is most noted for her sweet spirit both on and off the stage. Although she may be meek and sweet in spirit, vocally she is a powerhouse. When Terah opens her mouth audiences are astonished at the sound that comes out. With songs like "He'll Make A Way," and "I've Come To Take you Home," Terah Sings with an anointing that ushers in the presence of God.

With Zach Smith on lead guitar and lending his voice to complete the third harmony he has taken the Crabb Family's band to a status that could stand alone.  The full band sound is made complete by Jedidah Richardson and Micah Schweinsberg. Micah was the drummer for the award winning Crabb Family band. While with the Crabb Family, he had a distinct sound on the drums and inspired numerous young and upcoming drummers.

Recently signed by Daywind Records and awaiting the release of their next project “Runaway Train,”  Crabb Revival is gearing up to present their own style of music.  Music that will move audiences to their feet and then to their knees. * * *