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About Connersvine

Connersvine has an acoustic-driven rock sound that communicates through worshipful melodies and passionate vocals. Made up of Chris Wilson and Hunter Smith, Wilson, who started playing guitar in elementary school, is the creative, artsy type, who always has new melodies running through his head. On the other hand, Smith is an outgoing, energetic pro football player (and recent Superbowl winner) whose songwriting is defined by poetic lyrics.  Yet, as different as they were individually, they found their shared passion in worship.

Their history began when Smith and Wilson started leading worship together for a young adult ministry at a church on the south side of Indianapolis . “Before long, God really connected us and we began writing music together,” adds Smith. As new audiences were introduced to Connersvine, fans immediately connected with their distinctive sound.“God opened up a lot of doors for us to play our music and lead worship at different churches,” Wilson shares. “As we did that, God began to expand our vision for where He wanted to take us.”

In the Fall of 2006, Connersvine had signed a record deal with INO records. Literally days after Smith’s team won the Superbowl, Connersvine began recording their debut self-titled album with producers Ben Shive and Pete Kipley.

Connersvine fuses their love for a variety of styles with a focus on music as a ministry. “We want to write great dynamic lyrics and beautiful melodies, but our main concern is that our music has an impact on people,” Smith says. “We want them to be more in love with our Creator, and that’s our heart’s cry expressed through our lyrics.”

This aspiration is clearly evident in Connersvine’s first single “Live for You.” Wilson describes their first single as the “lyrical heartbeat of the band.” Brilliantly constructed, the song is a forthright declaration of how Smith and Wilson desire to live their lives wholly sold out to God. Smith adds, “In everything, we want to die to ourselves and live for Jesus—pure and simple.”

Beyond “Live for You,” their debut album is filled with many exceptional songs. “Hero” is a song written for Smith’s son Josiah—and a special gift for his wife. “Hopefully, it’ll challenge men to love their families and be role models for their children,” Smith says. “Hero” is a very special song because it will always remind me of the love I should not only feel, but also extend toward my children.”

As they pursued God in their music, they developed a burden for teaching individuals how to connect with God through worship. Throughout their journey, Connersvine has kept their passion for Gods renown at the heart of all that they do. As they continue to write new songs and challenge themselves in worship leading, God has poured out his creativity through them. They believe that God, the Greatest Artist, is the inventor of creativity and as believers we have direct access to the Father of creativity through worship. * * * *