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It was six years ago that Clay Crosse began a musical journey that quickly propelled him into the spotlight. Clay's debut album, My Place Is With You, introduced his extraordinary voice to an eager audience, and garnered the attention of the entire Christian music industry. It was not long into his career before Clay captured a Dove Award for New Artist of the Year, and subsequent nominations for Male Vocalist of the Year.

While songs like "I Surrender All" and "My Place Is With You" provided a solid base for Clay's success, his first four albums produced no less than eight #1 singles. Included in that roster are CCM's 1997 Adult Contemporary Song of the Year, "He Walked A Mile," and last summer's "I Will Follow Christ," the powerful collaboration between Clay, Bob Carlisle and BeBe Winans.


His latest album, "A Different Man" introduces a Clay Crosse that we have never seen before. There is certainly a depth to this project that reaches into the soul of a man who has come full circle into a new life of grace and mercy. His songwriting efforts have grown by leaps and bounds, as showcased in his lyrical contributions to nearly every song on this album.


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Clay Crosse's Ministry for the Lord

The "place the Lord has brought him," is a ministry that has grown new arms over the past few years. "Lately, God has been telling me to expand my ministry in different ways. One way has been to no longer call it 'my ministry.' It's OUR ministry." says Crosse. The "our" Clay speaks of refers to the new ministry that includes his wife, Renee. She now joins Clay at many of his live appearances. Together, Clay and Renee tell the intimate and personal testimony of how God turned their marriage around in 1998.

The teaming of Clay and Renee has been a powerful combination that has inspired and challenged audiences nationwide. "We pray that God continues to equip us and send us to people who need this message. God did such a dramatic re-modeling in our marriage and we want others to know that He wants to do the same for them." said Renee.

New Album - David, Ordinary Man, Extraordinary God


On June 26, the David project was performed live for the first time in St. Paul, Minnesota. The night of music and ministry was sponsored by KTIS radio. Clay Crosse encourages you to take a moment and catch a glimpse of David live on his official website on-line photo album.

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Clay Crosse is my favorite artist because through his music he tells me to go out and testify to my friends and my family! He has really touched me. His songs "I Will Follow Christ" and "When in Rome," two of his new songs have spoken to me. I have brought six people to Christ first and Fore Most Because of God, but, secondly because of Clay's Music! After my friends listen to the music they want to know more about the music and Jesus Christ! So it would be cool to see his name on the list!

God Bless! -Andrew Buechler

* * *

Clay Crosse first of all is GORGEOUS!! He's a beautiful guy. Secondly his songs are BEAUTIFUL! My favorite song is "I Surrender All"! Oh! How that song touched my soul when I first heard it! It still does too. I LOVE YOU CLAY CROSSE! First of all, I would like to say that God has REALLY blessed him with an awesome talent! I also want to say thanks to Clay for using his talent for God because it has touched so many people's lives. His song "I will follow Christ" really touches me, because God did so much for us and yet we seem to take it for granted. All He asks us to do is follow Him!

Everytime I hear that song tears fill my eyes because I have made up my mind to follow Him. Even when I fail Him he is always there to lift us back up! Thanks to Clay for such an awesome song God has given him as well as all the others! You will never realize how many lives you have touched through your songs!

THANKS.... Melodie

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I just want to say that I really like Clay Crosse's music! He is my favorite singer. I think its awesome that he's setting an example for all those who look to him and that he's living for god! More than anything I like the words in the songs. I listen to them and I think wow he is really anointed, God has really blessed his life! I'm glad that I could find a place to read his lyrics and really understand them! The only thing is, how can I find out more about him? Is he married. A good man like that is hard to find these days!

Nicole S.

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Clay Crosse is without a doubt my favorite Christian singer of all times. He is such an inspiration to me. His voice is so awesome and he could sing any type of music that he pretty well wanted to but he chose to sing Christian music. I think that he will have a great reward at the end of his walk with Christ, because he witnesses to millions of people and he's not ashamed to say how much that he loves Jesus. That is just such a light to me.

Ashley Gross

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Clay Crosse has been an inspiration to me. I have all of his albums and not only is he talented he is also very good looking. I am a singer too and my dream is to be on the radio and make CDs.

Brittany L.  

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Hello, I think the best and only choice for this page is Clay Crosse. He is my favorite and I love him to death. I want to get a 6 foot poster of him. I don't even know if they have one but if they do I would certainly get it. His music is great and he deserves to be on here. He is also very cute.


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I love Clay Crosse. His music means so much to me in more than one way. When my brother was at St. Jude for cancer treatment, he would listen to Clay Crosse. He even chose 2 of his songs to be played at his funeral. His music lyrics mean so much.

I encourage you to buy his cd's. They will touch your heart.


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Clay Crosse - He has inspired me to go day by day. I get upset and think God just does not care; then I listen to him sing with his wounderful voice and that just makes my day into a good day. His vioce and songs touch my heart it is also good music for my childern . I love you Clay Crosse.

thank you, Lisa- Lewisville, TX

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