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About Clairmont

Consisting of three guys, Josh Taylor: Vocals, Guitar, Michael Steele: Drums, and Ben Love: Bass, Vocals, Live Electronics originating from the town of College Station in Texas, Clairmont is a band dedicated to writing a fresh and entertaining catalog of songs. Their unique sound and truthful lyrics were selected as the title track for the Esotype Records Compilation One: The Real Life Threats of You and Me.

Soon after recording their first track, Clairmont began writing and producing their first album, The Dweller EP. The release in 2005 established that Clairmont would be around for a while and would continue to write ballads for the new millennium. The band continued to play live shows in and around Texas to promote their new record and started to gain a faithful following. Their live show is one of energy and passion as the band strives to display the image their songs are about.

Their latest release, Strength Like Lions (2008) is a major testament to all of their trials and hard work that they have put forth over the last four years.