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About Circleslide

Circleslide’s music blends folk rock, British pop and pop sensibilities of the 1980s. Their style has been compared to everything from Bob Dylan and Neil Young to U2 and Radiohead. Following the independent release of their acclaimed four-song EP, Connectology, (2000) the band launched its national debut, Uncommon Days, (2006) from strong independent newcomer Centricity Records. With the release of Uncommon Days, Circleslide chronicles the hours and days of our lives through a perfect blend of musical ingenuity, lyrical accessibility and a touch of artfulness.

As loyal fans of the highly recognized group, The Choir, Centricity’s newest addition borrows its own name from the legendary band’s 1990 album, Circle Slide. In addition to being named the No. 1 band at the Music Resource Group’s 4th annual Independent Music Awards (MRG, IMA), Circleslide first hit the industry spotlight at the 29th annual GMA Music in the Rockies event in Estes Park, Colorado, where they were first discovered by industry veteran and Centricity A&R representative John Mays. Here the band placed No. 1 in the “Band” category in the 2003 national competition.

And as a result of winning first place in the 2003 GMA “Music In The Rockies” band competition, Circleslide’s dreams came full circle. In addition to the production talents of Nashville based musician Tommy Collier and acclaimed producer Marc Byrd (City on a Hill, Jeremy Camp, Cool Hand Luke), Circleslide also had the opportunity to work with the founding members of The Choir, producer Steve Hindalong, and engineer Derri Daugherty, who have collectively worked on such renown projects as In The Name Of Love, City On A Hill and Jeremy Camp. Moreover, Circleslide’s own Gabe and Tim Martinez, who wrote or co-wrote all of the songs on the album, collaborated with Hindalong on four of the ten songs from Uncommon Days, including the first single, “Walking on the Waves.”

Playing more than 200 dates per year, it is not uncommon for Circleslide to play at a bar or club at night, a church the next morning, a college or coffeehouse somewhere in between and a bookstore for an acoustic engagement. Some of Circleslide’s compelling live performances have included the 2004 Shoutfest Tour with Rachael Lampa, TAIT, Petra, ZOE Girl, and Jump5, in addition to recent performances at Six Flags Atlanta with Jars of Clay, Crossover Fest with Jeremy Camp, Atlanta Fest with Casting Crowns, Circleslide is slated to perform at Rock the Light and will open for tobyMac in September.

Circleslide members include: Gabe Martinez (lead vocalist), Tim Martinez (bass), and Aaron Gillies (lead guitarist).