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Chevelle is made up of as the name implies, Sam, Pete and Joe Loeffler (three of a total of seven siblings), brothers-as their name implies. Chevelle are gearheads -a passion passed down from their father, whose hobby is building street rods. They are also carpenters-another direct imprint of their father's. But first and foremost, Chevelle is a distinctly intense rock band from Chicago.

Musically, Chevelle create a soundscape steeped in shards of moody guitars and propulsive rhythms, while intensely personal and emotional lyrics swivel clarity within mystery. Is it any wonder that the band's influences range from Helmet, Firehose and Tool, to Sinead O'Connor and even Cat Stevens? Singer / lyricist Pete wears his heart on his sleeve, but does so more through vocal emotion than black and white dialogue.

For four and a half years, Chevelle has been steadily building momentum as one of the "Windy City's" most promising young rock bands. Sam, Pete and Joe seem to read one another's thoughts on stage, via a sibling-inherent telepathy. The trait is unusual, yet somehow expected from three who have spent their whole lives in such close quarters. While they were habitually bashing away in their parents' basement from the beginning, the band was also busy booking gigs.

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OK why I like Chevelle? First they have good style; their music just simple, so I can play it along with my band; Pete has a nice voice, very emotional; Pete & Joe has a good vocal tehnique; Sam is my favorite drummer no.2; their lyrics are just so unique, blurry but sure; Wonder What's Next is one of the best albums I ever bought! The last, maybe God tell me to listen at Chevelle. That's it! O yeah, I'm from Jakarta, Indonesia, it's a wonder their album (wonder What's Next) had sold in Indonesia, because the past album Point #1 wasn't. Hope u'll write my comments on your site, because Chevelle is my no.2 favorite band. Thanks.


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Hi, my name is Meagan. I am 13 years old and have the greatest obsession with hard rock. I use to pray and few times or so, that I could find a smart and Christian band that played the kind of music that I liked to here. Well, I listened to Chevelle and thought they were great (not paying attention to religion or anything), but I bought their cd and I fell in love with them. When I listened to the song "Grab Thy Hand", I knew that I have found christian rock band. It was the one I would have dreamed of. I now have a life goal to meet them some day. Most people love many bands at once or get tired of a certain band after a long time...well I have never gotten tired of Chevelle and I plan to listen to them for a long time so that I can be listening to something that wont lead me away from God, but let me here something that I like to listen to. So I plan to follow my dream, the first chance I get, I will try to meet atleast Pete Loeffler (my favorite from the band) or go to one of their concerts {but they seem to never come to South Carolina} They are a great band and they help me enjoy music and stay close to God and with all the problems I have going on in my life now, I need it!!!

Thanks ~*MeG*~

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Hi, my name is Keryssa from Colorado Springs, CO.

I'm 15 and I love Chevelle because they speak from their hearts. They know what they want to say, they go for it and let it all out without any thing holding them back. They believe in something that is so powerful that they would even go for the rest of their life just to get the word of God all around the world. I know this about them just by the way that they sing, and how they are so emotional towards their feelings with the word of God. That's something that is really hard to find theses days from many people. I hope they will come to Colorado! I would really like to see them in concert. That would really be a wish come true!




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Point #1 raves of the passion and emotion that is found in Chevelle's debut CD, saying that "it pours out more passion in 42 minutes than most people will experience in an entire year." The album has been given 4 1/2 stars based on 114 reviews on

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