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About Cheri Keaggy

Cheri Keaggy began piano lessons at the age of 7, and I bet she was singing as well. 

Cheri gained performance experience in recitals, school talent shows, and sang occasionally for her church's services, developing her love and gift for music.

Cheri participated and excelled in church music program and activities, and developed a "sincere child-like respect" for the Lord.

Cheri Keaggy's spiritual journey to grow closer to the Lord began in a high school choir workshop, when a bass singer, Eddie Keaggy asked her after the workshop if she had ever been in a band, and if she was a Christian. 

This began what she called her "crock-pot Christianity conversion", as her heart gradually warmed the closer she became with the Lord.


In 1987, Cheri married Eddie Keaggy, nephew of Phil Keaggy.

Her first song, YOU, Oh LORD ARE MY REFUGE was written as a sermon hymn for her church, when Cheri Keaggy was the worship coordinator.

She got her first break as a musician when an established music artist heard her practicing her songs on the studio piano when he came early to record his new songs at this studio where Eddie Keaggy was working at as sound technician. This artist was so impressed with Cheri's songs and talent, that this chance encounter led to her first album with Sparrow Records, CHILD OF THE FATHER in 1994, a collection of her own songs.

Cheri's other albums, also are collections of her own songs: MY FAITH WILL STAY, WHAT MATTERS MOST, THERE IS JOY IN THE LORD:THE WORSHIP SONGS OF CHERI KEAGGY, LET'S FLY,
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