Chasing Victory -


About Chasing Victory

Chasing Victory is a band from Camilla, Georgia who has a powerful, no-quarter sound and express a positive message.

Formed in 2001 by vocalist Adam Harrell, the band includes drummer Jeremy Lowery, and guitarist Michael Lamb.  They signed a contract with the independent Mono Vs Stereo Records, and in 2005 they released their first full-length album, I Call This Abandonment, not long after guitarist Chris Cargile replaced Jason Lowery in the group's guitar section and Chris Crutchfield became the band's new bassist. Their sophomore effort, Fiends (2007) forges its own path, a path of classic rock influence and rock n’ roll pioneering.


“The album is very diverse and each song has something that sets it apart from the rest. We used a lot of cleaner guitar tracks and let the bass and drums drive the songs to keep from masking everything with thick distortion, which has become very popular these days. The vocals on the record sound completely different also. There is a lot more singing and I owe it all to Jeff Buckley and our producer Nathan Dantzler. Nathan really help me capture a vocal sound that I felt comfortable with and steered me away from screaming as much.”

The guitar lines are ambient, and Harrells vocals display great diversity, with an incessant chorus as the payoff. Another key number is the title track “Fiends.” More straightforward than any other song on the record, it is easily in the category of melodic radio rock, akin to the AFIs of the universe. Fiends is rich in imagery, as Harrell and company obviously devoted great effort to lyricism and concept. On “Chemicals” he paints vivid pictures of battles with lust: As long as you refuse to believe in the power of cold showers, you'll continue to excuse the receiving end of cowards. And on “Carnies,” he makes critical commentary on religious fanaticism: What's the price of admission?...You're building a circus; a haven to shelter your deepest secrets and your darkest demons.  Yet, at the core of the record is a spiritual foundation; the message is, by exposing one’s vices they are disarmed.

With great songs and a live show that has developed into one of the most captivating around, it is no wonder how  Chasing Victory has become one of the top selling artists on the Mono vs. Stereo roster.