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About The Chariot

Everything Is Alive, Everything Is Breathing, Nothing Is Dead and Nothing Is Bleeding (2004) is quite a mouthful for this Georgia band's debut album. Josh Scogin, former frontman of Norma Jean, along with his new fellow band members already have had a buzz floating through hardcore scene since The Chariot's formation.

This album was recorded live in a studio setting and no computers were used in the manipulating of our music. Everything that you hear was played by human beings and was not copy/pasted by computers giving it a little raw and unconventional sound.


Two years of touring behind the raw, unhinged and powerful bombast off “Everything is Alive, Everything is Breathing, Nothing is Dead, Nothing is Bleeding and the follow-up EP, “Unsung,” cemented the Southern quartet’s place in the modern metal landscape.

The band is not just hype, and their 10-song debut album is set to prove that to the world. Produced by Matt Goldman in Atlanta, Georgia, "Everything Is Alive, Everything is Breathing, Nothing is Dead and Nothing is Bleeding," will astound listeners with its perpetual brutality, if not its lengthy title. "I don't strive for long titles," Scogin explains. "I do make sure that every single title has purpose and meaning though. The album title is pretty much just trying to break away from the 'dead, dying, bleeding, bloody, stabbing, killing, shooting, hand grenading, dagger throwing, fire burning, flesh eating…' you get the idea. It is just trying to say that life is actually okay."


“The next record will definitely define who The Chariot is,” Scogin says matter-of-factly about their forthcoming sophomore album, "The Fiancee" (2007). “I love the previous record but it does not define us. I feel like the vision for The Chariot has never been able to be achieved until now.”

“We have never set out to sound like this band or sound like that band, we just do whatever we want to do,” the sweet tea and BBQ loving singer says with typical Southern modesty. “We don't care if it is the popular thing to do or if it is going to make us money or any of that nonsense, we only write music that we can feel passionate about.

Everything else has nothing to do with rock and roll.”

The band released their next album "Wars and Rumors of Wars" in 2009.  The Chariot's future is looking better than okay. Besides his wish for non-stop touring, Scogin's expectations remain as unassuming as his southern drawl will lead you to believe. "Probably one year from today we will be in Douglasville," he imagines. "Most likely eating barbeque, drinking sweet tea. As far as their latest release, I just hope that it can bring joy to people's ears, and a smile to their face."