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About Carried Away

Pam Walker and Colleen Walker are sisters and along with their cousin Christine Prankard form the group Carried Away. As a family, they have been singing together as long as anyone can remember. It wasn't until the year 2000 however, that they became "Carried Away".

Since we last heard from Carried Away in 2005 with its critically acclaimed debut disc Closer To You, the Canadian trio has been on a whirlwind journey both professionally and personally.


For starters, the Ontario-bred group comprised of sisters Colleen and Pam Walker, plus their cousin Christine Prankard, have been on a seemingly endless tour, ranging from several solo headlining dates, to opening slots for the illustrious likes of Casting Crowns and Avalon.

"A lot of times people say our music is anointed," Colleen notices. "They tell us the music and the songs are coming from an honest place and that through being ourselves, they are encouraged every time they go away from a show. We think that's the greatest and highest compliment, but God deserves all the glory."

The girls truly believe God gave them the name Carried Away to inspire others to hope for the day when we will be carried away into an eternity spent with God. After a time of being known as the two sisters and a cousin, the three girls took on Carried Away as their group name, group hope, and a powerful message to tell the world.

"Our heart and mission is to go out to all nations and teach people about Jesus," Pam sums up. "We want to teach young girls and women in particular to obey His commandments and reach as many places as we can. We'll go wherever God wants us to go- even if it's Antarctica- and our goal is to go through every single door and be lights in darkness."