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It's no surprise that as a child Carolyn Arends dreamed of growing up to be a writer. Like any great novelist, Carolyn has an unerring way of weaving rich and extraordinary tapestries from the threads of everyday affairs. Her latest release Seize The Day And Other Stories is a compelling venture into a world of characters, chaos, insight, empathy, and revelation. In other words, life and the world in which we live it. A collection comprising 16 of Carolyn's most endearing and enduring songs, some of which were recorded live, the set also includes two new songs.

Carolyn has been such a pervasive presence in modern popular Christian music, it's a bit startling to realize that such an arresting anthology has been culled from only three albums "I Can Hear You, Feel Free, and This Much I Understand" released in just over four years. In that time, Carolyn's artistry has indeed evolved strikingly, but always with a perfect balance of continuity, innovation, and imagination.

In 1998, Carolyn Arends and her husband Mark became parents for the first time with the birth of their son, Benjamin. Carolyn calls motherhood a life-changing experience, and one that became the defining theme of her 1999 release, This Much I Understand.

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Recommended album:
Feel Free


2002 Tour


11.19.02 Steve Bell, Carolyn, and Bob Bennett pose for the
camera during their Living Room Tour stop in Red Deer, Alberta.

2003 Tour


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We would consider it a privilege to partner with you for an evening of songs, stories,
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