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Calibretto 13 is...
Chad A. Sernal & Joseph Whitford & Chris Thomas.

Calibretto 13 is a Christian punk band well known for their wacky lyrics and style, as well as their ability to appeal to both Christian and non-Christian audiences. Calibretto is a hero from a comic book called "Battle Chasers."

Their first album, Sibling Rivalry was independently released in April of 1997. In 2003, Calibretto 13 became Calibretto and released Dead by Dawn under a new label - "Standard Recording Company."

In the albums previous to this, the band stuck to a clear, spiritual message. However, with the change in recording companies also came a change in their message and sound. Their music became darker and had much less of a Christian emphasis. The band called it quits in October of 2004.

Band members include:

Chad A. Sernal (bass)
Joseph Whitford (vocals/guitar)
Chris Thomas (drums).

Chris and Joseph met each other in high school when Joseph was looking for a drummer. His girlfriend at the time, and now wife, introduced them. When asked in an interview on November 9, 2004 if the band members were good friends or not, Jason responded by saying, "We were business associates with different goals. That could be one of the reasons we broke up. We hang out sometimes and I think we enjoy each other's company."

In the same interview by, Joseph said that he had wanted to play and write music since he was young. He also has a love for drawing and uses artists such as Edward Gorey, Charles Addams, and Tim Burton to influence his writing. One of his favorite musical groups is Violent Femmes.

Two other albums released independently:

Black Sheep Demo, January 1998
Once Bitten, Twice Shy, June 1998

Albums released under Tooth and Nail Records:

Enter the Danger Brigade (January 2000)
From the Secret Files of the Danger Brigade (April 2001)
Adventures in Tokyo (December 2002)

Is there such thing as acoustic punk? Apparently there is, as Calibretto 13 is the band to bring it to you.

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